OnePlus 6 Faces 4G LTE Connectivity Issues; Users Report the Problem on OnePlus Forum


OnePlus 6 is probably the most celebrated smartphone flagship this year. The device set records in the preview sale on Amazon. The actual numbers of the units sold have been skyrocketing since then and the device has been received well by the users and reviewers. However, this flagship phone from OnePlus has several issues that have started to surface more recently.

OnePlus 6: 4G/LTE Connectivity Issue

Users from different parts of the world have reported multiple cases of network failure with OnePlus 6. For instance, some of the reports mention when they are in an area where there’s no 4G signal, the device switches to 3G (or the option that is available in the area), but when they move back to an area that has 4G coverage, the OnePlus 6 fails to recognize the network and does not switch back to LTE. In most of the cases, the only way to get the handset to recognize a 4G/LTE connectivity is to enable the airplane mode.

Take a look at some of the complainants explaining exactly what the users are facing:

“Now the problem is when we lost 4G, by calling for example or switch by roaming on France Orange when we do not catch Mobile free, the mobile stay only in 3G.
The only solution is to switch to airplane mode”.

 “I also have this problem. But I noticed its occurrence with two sim cards on the priority card. The No. 2 card works with any problem with 4G. Everything works much better while there is only one SIM card in the phone. Play network Poland

OnePlus 6: Issues Remain Same After the Latest OxygenOS 5.1.8 Update

It is important to note that several of the users complaining about this unexpected behavior of the handset have explicitly confirmed their device is running the latest OxygenOS 5.1.8 update. This update had only arrived a few days back. A report regarding the bug in the handset has been submitted to the company.  And, the person responsible for bringing it to the notice of the Chinese handset maker also attached a screenshot of their home screen. The image as shown below reveals that there is a small airplane widget on the home screen to enable/disable the mode.

Image courtesy: piunikaweb

If you happen to notice the user comments on the bug report, a ‘Senior Moderator’ of the OnePlus forum has also confirmed the issue, adding further gravity to the problem statement. Now that the issue has been properly addressed and acknowledged by the senior members of the Chinese handset maker’s Bug Hunting team, it is safe to assume that the company is investing the issue and will soon come up with a fix.

OnePlus 6: Similar Issues Surfaced Right After the Launch

The issue with the OnePlus 6 not detecting 4G/LTE network is not just something that happened overnight. There were reports of the device exhibiting similar issues right after the launch, mostly affecting the European users. One of the French users took it to Twitter to share the trouble and posted, “Hi. There is a major issue on the OnePlus 6 with the country band selection menu. If you select Europe, the device is no more compatible with the 4G’s French frequencies.”

Most of the users mentioned that the device doesn’t detect LTE/4G network for SIM in slot 1. SIM slot 2 seems to be working fine. One user confirmed the problem came up after the latest update, which was the first update at the time of posting the device received after the launch. He said,” I am experimenting exactly the same problem since I did the latest OTA upgrade. Same carrier (Free Mobile) in France. The device cannot detect any LTE/4G networks (even with other carriers)”.  The device has received more than three updates till now and it seems like the issue remains the same for the latest update as well.

A member from the company’s Bug Hunter team confirmed the acknowledgement of the issue and claimed that the development team has been notified. “The dev team is working on the log which has been forwarded. We will keep you posted if there is an update. If we need more logs for further analysis, we will contact you.”