Top Reasons To Switch To Lloyd 5-Star Inverter ACs with Wi-Fi


For the longest time, air conditioners had a simple job of drawing hot air out of the room through a series of copper tubes and cooling it down with phase change wizardry before delivering it back as a cool breeze. This process of heat exchange tends to be rather lossy and power hungry, which is why powerful air conditioners have always been associated with high ownership and even higher running costs.

Thankfully for modern consumers, the good AC engineers at Lloyd have been toiling away to overcome these very limitations and create a new generation of air conditioners that deliver greatly enhanced cooling without compromising on power efficiency and thereby making air conditioner ownership more affordable than it has ever been.

To understand how Lloyd has achieved this ground-breaking feat, we will take a look at its range of 5-star inverter ACs and understand the underlying technologies that make them unbeatable in terms of performance as well as value.

Built-in Wifi: Your Smartphone is the Best AC Remote

Lloyd AC WiFi

One of the most frustrating experiences of owning an AC is hunting for the remote control when you eventually lose it. But what if your remote is your smartphone? You can’t possibly lose something that’s on your person almost 24/7, and the high-resolution, full-colour touchscreen display sure is an upgrade over the lowly 8-segment LCD displays on regular AC remotes. With built-in Wi-Fi technology found in Lloyd ACs,’ all it takes is a quick download, and your trusty smartphone transforms into a high-tech AC remote. Lloyd’s Wi-Fi AC technology goes well beyond serving as a fancy remote control. The underlying technology allows you to control your ACs from anywhere in the house.

Lloyd AC WiFi features

That means you can operate multiple Lloyd ACs located in different rooms of your house right from the comfort of the living room couch. The internet-enabled ACs can also be operated from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. In other words, you can switch on your AC right as you begin your office commute to ensure that you’re greeted with a perfectly cool room when you get home. More advanced features within Lloyd’s Wi-Fi AC app allow finer AC control, smart scheduling, and advanced tracking features to elevate your AC experience to the next level.

4D Express Cooling: Greater Efficiency Through Superior Design

Lloyd AC 4D Cooling

While regular ACs draw hot air out of the room through a single intake duct usually on the top of the indoor evaporator unit, Lloyd AC’s go about this all-important task of sucking out hot air from the room a lot more smartly and efficiently. The 4D Express Cooling enhanced evaporator units on Lloyd Inverter ACs draw in hot air from four discrete intake ducts. This effective quadrupling of air intake allows Lloyd ACs to cool an impressive 15 percent faster than competing ACs and also aids in reducing the overall compressor runtime.

Keep Pollutants Away With PM 2.5 Air Filter

Lloyd AC PM 2.5 Filter

Lloyd 5-Star Inverter AC’s with Wi-Fi also includes an advanced PM 2.5 air filter that effectively keeps out harmful pollution and allergens to ensure that your family can breathe easy. The strong dehumidification system on Lloyd AC ensures that rapid cooling doesn’t have to come at the cost of causing discomfort due to increased humidity levels associated with competing ACs. Meanwhile, the 100-percent inner grooved copper radiator construction ensures maximum cooling at lowest energy consumption; not to mention a much-improved service life cycle of the all-important compressor and evaporator units as well.

 Inverter Technology: More Power, More Efficiency

Regular air conditioners are inherently inefficient because they don’t allow granular control over the compressor motor since these ACs control room temperature by either switching the compressor on or off. This is a terribly wasteful means to control temperature because the AC will run the compressor at full capacity until the target temperature is reached, after which it shuts the compressor off completely until the room temperature eventually shoots up again. These rapid on/off cycles not only waste a lot of electricity, but the constant and wild temperature fluctuations also lead to user discomfort.

Lloyd AC Inverter Technology


Lloyd’s inverter ACs are smart enough to offer granular control over the compressor impeller speeds. This allows these high-tech ACs to not only cool your room faster and more efficiently, but the variable compressor power allows them to maintain correct temperature down to a fraction of a degree. This considerably reduces power consumption, while also affording vastly superior comfort levels by enabling precise temperature control. What’s more, the Lloyd ACs unique capability to adjust compressor power levels also allows them to function at optimal capacity during summers, while also behaving like lower tonnage ACs during winter for maximum efficiency.

Twin Rotary Compressor: Lower Noise Levels Guaranteed

Lloyd AC Twin Rotary Compressor

Lloyd ACs also pack in more advanced features to further improve efficiency and power. This includes the twin rotary compressor, which is designed to operate with greater efficiency at all compressor speeds of a variable inverter AC. What’s more, the inherent design of this compressor also allows it to run with reduced vibrations and noise levels. The intelligent logic unit of the Lloyd ACs further increases efficiency with the help of the electronic expansion valve that smartly adjusts the refrigerant flow according to the cooling needs. The advanced brush-less DC motor seals the performance and efficiency deal by packing in granular control, vastly improved power delivery, and a whopping 30-per cent more power efficiency compared to regular motors.

Powerful Blower Motors, Two Way Swing

Lloyd AC Motor

The evaporator unit on Lloyd Inverter ACs is equipped with powerful blower motors that disperse cold air into the room over longer distances. The two-way swing technology and superior air duct design ensure that cooling air is directed to every nook and cranny of your room to prevent hot spots and ensure even temperature spread. Combine this with superior noise isolating materials, computer-aided fan blade design, and a micro-computer controlled mute mode, and you have ACs that deliver superior cooling at near whisper level of quietness.

Eco-Friendly R410 Refrigerant

Lloyd AC Eco Friendly Gases

So far, we have witnessed how Lloyd Inverter ACs are packed to the gills with superior technology and precision engineering to deliver better performance and power efficiency over its competitors. However, Lloyd goes a step further by ensuring that its products have minimal ecological impact. This includes incorporating CFC free R410A refrigerant that doesn’t deplete the ozone layer. Unlike other ACs, the high-tech refrigerant within Lloyd ACs also doesn’t carry a risk of accidental combustion, so you know your family and neighbours’ safety is secured.

Stabiliser-free Operation

Lloyd AC Stablizer Free Operation

Add stabiliser-free operation along with the capability to work flawlessly despite voltage fluctuations, and you have a range of Inverter ACs that blow the competition right out of the water. By choosing Lloyd ACs, you’re paving the way to cutting-edge AC technology, low power bills, faster cooling, unmatched durability, and better health.