Samsung 4K UHD TV With HDR10+ ‘The Frame’ Launched: The 2018 Edition Models Double Up As Dynamic Artwork

The Frame TV line of UHD televisions become a work of art when not being used to watch content.

Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung launched “The Frame TV” 2018 edition. The line of 4K UHD TVs boast of the latest HDR10+ standard. The premium Smart TVs are packed with advanced features, including Wi-Fi, Bixby, and Bluetooth Low Energy.

The Frame – Samsung’s digital picture frame TV – has received a 2018 refresh. Samsung has specifically designed the television to look more like giant artwork than traditional display unit. The Frame TV is available in 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch variants. The upgraded versions now pack more digital art to choose from, a refreshed user interface, and Bixby voice assistant.

Samsung 4K UHD The Frame TV 2018 Edition: Specifications

The 2018 edition of the Frame TV sports a 4K UHD screen like the previous variant. Incidentally, Samsung uses an edge-lit 4K LCD panel, reported FlatpanelsHD. However, similar to the Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV line, The Frame 2018 offers new smart capabilities called the “Effortless Log-in” that makes it extremely easy to set up the new TV and access content. Owing to the latest Bluetooth Low Energy chip, the UHD TV allows viewers to quickly and effortlessly transfer their Wi-Fi and Samsung account details from their phone to the TV. The TVs support HDR10+, which is an upgrade over HDR Pro.

Samsung’s proprietary Smart Hub menu controls The Frame TV. The intuitive menu allows users to navigate across streaming services, consoles, and live TV. Samsung also offers a Universal Guide feature that collates and curates content that gets increasingly customized to the viewers’ personal preferences. Helping viewers along the way is Samsung’s digital virtual assistant Bixby. The assistant relies on voice commands to present shows. Viewers can also use Bixby to control compatible smart-home devices like smart lights, soundbars, and many other IoT (Internet of Things) devices via Samsung’s SmartThings IoT dashboard.

The Frame TV Has Special Power+Data Cable Alongside Aesthetic Mounting Techniques

Owing to the purpose, the UHD TV is equipped with four magnetic bezel options. The bezels are available in Black, Beige Wood, Walnut, and White. Samsung even attempted to minimize the aesthetic challenge of the ugly black power cable. The Frame TV 2018 edition comes with “One Invisible Connection”. Essentially, the company is offering a single, slim cable that is surprisingly translucent in appearance. The cable can transmit both power as well as data to the TV. Needless to mention, this cable not only eliminates the clutter of cords beneath the TV, it also allows buyers to place the TV anywhere on the premises, without worrying about the ugly black power cable running to the power outlet. Incidentally, Samsung also offers a floor stand option

The Frame TV Doubles Up As Artwork:

The main appeal of the Frame TV is undoubtedly its ability to replicate an artwork. The company insists the Samsung Art Store is the world’s largest art platform for TV. In all, there are over 800 works of art available from the store. Samsung recently added about 30 iconic pieces of photography from The New York Times. Needless to add, these virtual pieces of artwork are all available in high resolution. They allow customization of the Frame TV. Buyers can confidently create their desired aesthetic in any room with these televisions.

The improved UI (User Interface) allows users to quickly browse through the different art pieces. Viewers can choose to browse based on the color scheme of the room, or they can segregate based on a particular medium, like drawings or photography. Users can also create a collection of art. This personalized group is regularly shuffled while being displayed. When the TV is not displaying dynamic content, intelligent motion and brightness sensors transform The Frame from TV into a lifelike work of art. The sensors smartly adjust the screen brightness depending on the ambient light in the room.

Samsung The Frame TV 2
[Image Credit: Samsung]
Buyers can procure digital copies of individual works of art as well. In fact, Samsung offers a subscription to the Samsung Art Store for $4.99 (Rs. 300 approx.) a month. New TV buyers get the first month free.

Samsung The Frame TV 2018 Edition: Price and Availability

The Frame TV is available on Samsung’s official site. The company will gradually make the television sets available through other retailers, including offline channels, at the end of this month. The 43-inch model is priced at $1299 (Rs. 88,000 approx.), while the 55-inch variant is listed at $1,999 (Rs. 1,37,000 approx.). The 65-inch model is priced at $2,799 (Rs. 2,00,000 approx.). Samsung claims The Frame TV is meant for buyers, “who love the function of a big, beautiful 4K UHD TV but struggle to design their room around an empty black screen when the TV is turned off.”


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