OPPO Find X: 5 Reasons Why This OPPO Flagship Phone Lags Behind Vivo NEX S


Oppo and Vivo are the first two companies that have come up with a solution for the problem that arose with having a proper full-front display on smartphones. Instead of going with a notch for the front camera, both companies have added mechanical parts that pop out of the phones’ chassis when required. However, this one feature is not the only aspect one can look at when choosing between two devices and we feel that Vivo makes a better overall proposition for its price. Today we take a look at the top five reasons why the Oppo Find X will have a difficult time with a contender like the Nex S in the arena.

OPPO Find X vs Vivo NEX S: Price

The Oppo Find X is expected to launch in India on 41091. On the other hand, the Vivo Nex S is expected to make its debut in the Indian marker by July 19. While the Indian pricing of either contraption hasn’t yet been revealed, we know based on international pricing that the Find X costs considerably higher than the Nex S. To give you an idea of how large the gap is likely to be, current international pricing estimates the Indian price of the Nex S to be closer to the Rs.50,000 mark while the Find X is expected to retail closer to the Rs.70,000 price point.

OPPO Find X vs Vivo NEX S: Standard Rear-Camera Placement

While the actual camera specifications of the Oppo Find X are admittedly more impressive than those of the Vivo Nex is, it is a matter of concern that all of the former’s cameras are inside the mechanical unit. There is a reason why phones with moving parts, like the BlackBerry Priv to name one, have not been very successful. It’s because these moving parts are the primary points of failures on such devices. At least the Nex S only has the selfie camera to contend with, whereas the inclusion of the rear cameras inside the hidden component (although aesthetically pleasing) exponentially increases its movement.

OPPO Find X vs Vivo NEX S: 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Another questionable decision Oppo Made was to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Find X. That is not the case with the Vivo Nex S as you still get a headphone jack right beside the pop-out unit. We understand that Fin X had already undergone an impressive amount of engineering for its unique design, but the solution to one problem should not give rise to another.

OPPO Find X vs Vivo NEX S: Fingerprint Scanner

Oppo is apparently so confident in its facial recognition mechanism that it decided to ditch the fingerprint scanner as well. This effectively brings us back to our previous concerns of the rear camera being inside the moving part as this will result in significantly more movement. We get that Oppo might not have access to the in-screen fingerprint scanner technology, but at least having a backup scanner at the back would have given everyone a piece of mind.

Meanwhile, the Nex S features Vivo’s revolutionary in-display fingerprint scanning technology which we first saw on the Vivo X21. This version, however, is the third-generation implementation of the technology that comes with better speed, accuracy, and reliability.

OPPO Find X vs Vivo NEX S: Battery

The Oppo Find X has been equipped with a 3730Mah battery while the Vivo Nex S sports a 4000mAh capacity cell. While this might not seem like a significant difference at first, one has to wonder why there is a smaller battery on the Find X when there have been all those other compromises. That phone does not have to deal with the internal complications of a fingerprint scanner or a headphone jack. In Oppo’s defense, the moving part might have taken too much space and there might not have been enough for a larger battery. Furthermore, we do not know exactly how much the battery life will be impacted because of this. On paper at least, the difference is a noticeable concern and is worth pointing out.

Based on these facts, which ‘All-Screen’ device will you prefer when they land in India? Let us know in the comment section below.