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In today’s internet daily, we bring you the latest news from Instagram, Google, YouTube, Zomato, Facebook, and more. Scroll down to read through all the news in one go.

Instagram Alpha App Gets Adaptive Icon Support

The latest Alpha version of the Instagram app is finally adding support for Adaptive icons. This means that the next stable update should most likely have this feature. Previously, the Instagram icon used to show up as a square even if the system Icons were round. Yes, you could install an Icon pack, but in its stock form, the app icon was always square. That changes with this alpha update.

YouTube Deletes Videos Promoting Twitch

Google’s YouTube network is apparently deleting videos that have content promoting its competitor Twitch. Some YouTubers are having their channels terminated or videos deleted by the company.

Instead of giving a strike on the videos or channels, YouTube is simply deleting them, and this is not nice. And the company did realize that because the terminated accounts were restored.

Zomato Deliveries now Available in More Places

The food review and delivery app, Zomato, is now available in more regions across India. Users in Vizag, Surat, Bhubaneswar, and Bhopal, can now enjoy using the Zomato app and placing orders as well.

Zomato is currently available in 21 cities across the country, with services such as food delivery, ratings, and recommendations. In the new cities, the company has tied-up with over 500 restaurants to deliver food to customers.

Facebook Fixes Bug That Allowed Others to View Closed Group Information

According to a new report, Facebook has fixed a nasty bug within Closed Groups, which allowed third-party individuals to access member details. A Chrome extension by the name made use of this bug to collect information such as names, email id’s, locations, and other private data.

Google Chrome Gets Spectre Fix

The latest Google Chrome version 67 has a new feature called Site Isolation that will take care of the Spectre vulnerability. However, the company states that due to more processes used by this tool, a 10 to 13 percent increase in RAM usage is possible.

Well, that is not good, but at least it is done for some good. Google Chrome is already the biggest RAM using the browser in the history of a web browser. And although this new update will protect its users, it will mean that your system will always be running low on RAM when multiple tabs are open.

Google Maps on Android Auto Units get Satellite View

The Android Auto version of Google Maps finally gets the Satellite View in the latest update. So, if you own a car with Android Auto on your head unit, then you can now navigate to Settings to turn on the feature.

Satellite view has been available on the Google Maps for the mobile app from a very long time. And it was a mystery why Google hadn’t added it to Android Auto, but the wait is now over.

New Google Duo update to get Rewards for Referring and Pause Video option

A tear-down of the latest Google Duo update for Android has revealed details about some new upcoming features. The video calling app from Google could soon be getting a button to Pause video while on a call. This could be helpful if you wanted to do something in private and didn’t want the other person to see.

Also, the APK revealed that a Reward system could be available for users who would refer the app to others.

IRCTC Kitchen Live Streaming Service Fails

At the beginning of this month, IRCTC had started to live stream its kitchen service in order to show customers that everything is prepared and packed in a hygienic way. However, just after a week since launch, the service no longer works. Currently, the live stream only plays a 5-minute long video in the loop. Not really a surprise since its IRCTC!

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