Instagram Users Can Now Ask Interactive Questions With Stickers


Popular social media platform, Instagram, has added a new feature to the Stories section, where users can ask questions on these stories. This feature is something that has been requested by users for a long time now and it has finally arrived with the latest update of the platform. Until now users could only view stories posted by their contacts or those who they followed. Limited interaction options were present in the form of emoji sliders that can be posted to ask questions and a yes / no poll. But this new feature allows users to ask full-fledged questions with no limits, unlike short yes or no ones.

Latest Feature: How To Use

This new feature has been officially launched by Instagram on the 10th of July and has confirmed this via a post on their website. The post also highlights how this function works. The question stickers are interactive and can be submitted to your friends with a request to answer. Instagram has designed these stickers as a new and interactive way to start conversations with your friends. A sticker tray has been added, from which users can select a question sticker and this can be added to your story along with a photo or video. People in your contact list will be able to view this sticker along with the media shared by you.

Users can share answers to the questions by tapping the stickers and they can post any number of replies. Apart from just posting the question stickers, the social media platform also allows you to reply to the response posted by your friends and also share responses. The responses will remain private unless you want to publicly share them and can be viewed by you and your contact only. Even when the response is shared publicly, Instagram doesn’t display the username or photo of the contact that responded to you. The Facebook-owned company has basically created a communication tool that lets users chat with one another in a fun way.

Users of Instagram on mobile devices operating using Android or iOS can download the latest version of the App (Version 52) to access this feature.