Moment Launches Camera App For iOS And Android Platform With Loads Of Exciting Features


Mobile photographers might be aware of the application “Moment”. This photography-based application has got much popularity in recent times through the well-known camera lenses and cases it released for Apple’s iPhones, Galaxy S9, and Pixel 2. This time Moment is staying out of the hardware game and releasing a pro camera app for the Android and iOS platform.

Moment – Pro Camera

The newly released product offering from Moment is a specially designed camera app that would replace the default camera at the same time giving all pro controls one could desire for. This new feature of Moment is dubbed as “Moment – Camera Pro”. With this app, one is able to shoot in raw image format, control exposure/shutter speed/ISO/white balance/focus, analyze all the photos metadata in a format similar to DSLR, and visualizes a real-time histogram to know the clear exposure environment.

In spite of having all-pro controls, the user interface is kept clean and neat. The simple user interface comes as surprise to many, thereby making it easy for the ones who are entering into photography field for experimenting it for the first time and for the ones who want to upgrade their photography experience through Moment. The app provides an exclusive section to make people know that you own Moment app. The company also announced that it working to add support for Pixel Visual Core in Pixel 2.

Shortcomings of Moment Android App:

Although coming with superior bells and whistles, the Android version of this app is coming with a drawback. The Android app of Moment is said to be lacking the support for video recording. In addition to that, the app is also lacking the capacity to switch between sensors for the dual rear camera mobile devices.

Prices of Moment – Camera Pro

For the Android mobile phones, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at a cost of $1.99. The iPhone owners can get the app free of cost from App Store; However, it requires a one-time payment of $2.99 to access the pro controls provided in the app.