Moto E5 vs Infinix Hot 6 Pro vs Redmi 5: Price in India, Specifications, Features Compared

All three smartphones have a 5MP selfie shooter but the Redmi 5 has a 12MP rear camera and Moto E5 has a 13MP one, while the Infinix Hot 6 Pro packs a dual 13MP+2MP rear camera


It is indeed a challenge to pick a budget smartphone these days, since flagship models are clear about their very best features, and some come with new technology features such as wireless charging that just seal the deal. Not so with the budget smartphones. Entry-level and budget mobile phones are today entering a packed market, with a raft of brands competing for the attention of the fast-growing base of first-time smartphone buyers in India. Here, we compare three worthy challengers for the best smartphone in the 9-11K price range.

Moto E5 vs Infinix Hot 6 Pro vs Redmi 5: Price in India

The Moto E5 has a relatively higher MRP of Rs 10,999 and is selling for Rs 10,049 at and Rs 10,195 at Flipkart. However, Amazon has the handset only in grey colour while Flipkart is selling it in both grey and gold colours. But Paytm Mall is selling the handset in grey colour at the cheapest option of Rs 9,989. The price of the phone in gold colour is higher here, at Rs 10,650. As for variants, the Moto E5 comes in only one storage option: 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

The Infinix Hot 6 Pro comes with an MRP of Rs 8,999 but you can buy it on Flipkart for Rs 7,999, and it is exclusive to Flipkart. It comes in only one storage variant, that is 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. The colours offered are Sandstone Black, Bordeaux Red and Magic Gold, but the price is the same across the colour range.

The best price for the Xiaomi Redmi 5 is Rs 7,999 for its 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage variant at Amazon. At Tata Cliq store the phone can be bought for Rs 8,199 and the costliest option is Flipkart, at Rs 8,999. The phone comes in 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM variant as well as 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, a storage option not available on the other two budget smartphones in comparison. The best price for the 32GB variant is also at Amazon for Rs 8,999 while the 64GB variant is going for Rs 10,999. Also, only Amazon has the phone in all four colours: Blue, Black, Gold and Rose Gold.

Moto E5 vs Infinix Hot 6 Pro vs Redmi 5: Design, Display

The Moto E5 and Redmi 5 both come with a 5.7-inch display while the Infinix Hot 6 Pro has a much larger 5.99-inch display. All of the three display panels are HD+ but the Infinix handset gives the best screen-to-body ratio of 84 percent whereas the other two manage only 75 percent. A taller display with 18:9 aspect ratio makes the Infinix phone the better, or at least the most attractive of the lot here, as it also comes in a metal unibody like its competitors. 

Moto E5 vs Infinix Hot 6 Pro vs Redmi 5: Performance, Hardware Specifications

The Redmi 5 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 whereas the other two are powered by Snapdragon 425 SoC. Only the Moto E5 has an internal storage expandable up to 256GB while the Infinix and Redmi smartphones have a maximum storage capacity of 128GB. The fingerprint sensor is on the rear for all three devices.

Moto E5 vs Infinix Hot 6 Pro vs Redmi 5: Camera Features

All three smartphones have a 5MP selfie shooter but the difference is in the rear camera. While Redmi 5 has a 12MP rear camera and Moto E5 has a 13MP one, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro wins the round with its dual 13MP+2MP rear camera. Face detection, HDR mode in photography and HD video shooting abilities are common to them all.

Moto E5 vs Infinix Hot 6 Pro vs Redmi 5: Battery, OS

The Redmi 5 boots Android Nougat while the other two handsets boot Android Oreo OS. While the batteries are non-removable for all the handsets, the Redmi 5 lags behind with its 3,000 mAh battery as compared to the 4,000 mAh battery on both competitors.

Moto E5 vs Infinix Hot 6 Pro vs Redmi 5: Verdict

It is a close battle between the three phones. Xiaomi Redmi 4 used to have a massive battery, but for some reason, Xiaomi has reduced the battery capacity in the Redmi 5, which give the two other phones in this comparison a headstart. Both, the Infinix Hot 6 Pro and the Moto E5, have 4000mAh batteries for longer battery lives. The Redmi 5 takes the cake in the performance department, though, with a faster processor: Snapdragon 450.

If you want a dual-camera, you’ll have to go with the Infinix Hot 6 Pro. However, if you want the several useful software features from MIUI and Xiaomi’s excellent track record in offering its phones with software updates for years after their original release, you’ll be better off with the Redmi 5. If you don’t like MIUI, and prefer stock Android UI, the Moto E5 should be your choice.

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