WhatsApp Latest Update Will Bring Mark As Read Feature To Notification Centre

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WhatsApp is on a spree of updating its user interface with all possible upgrades, and it time for it to bring the much-awaited feature of “Mark as Read” for WhatsApp notifications. A report from WABetaInfo has confirmed this on-going process and shared more information about the upcoming feature.

“Mark as Read” Feature: Beta Testing Phase

If the reports from WABetaInfo had to be believed, the media stated that it found the said feature in the latest beta of WhatsApp “WhatsApp beta (version 2.18.214)”. It is also to be noted that this feature will not be available for the common users yet as there is still room for improvement in the upcoming feature. WABetaInfo has further confirmed the same that common users of WhatsApp could not be able to use the feature even by updating to the newest version of WhatsApp, as the “Mark as Read” feature for notification is still in the development stage for Android platform. WABetaInfo has also added a screenshot that showed the working feature of “Mark as Read”.

“Mark as Read” Feature: How to Use

The usage of the new feature is very easy. The feature is used to mark an unread chat as “read” from the notification bar. To explain further, when a WhatsApp message arrives on the notification screen, the user can mark that message as ‘read’ from the same notification scroll rather opening the app and reading the message in actual. This eliminates the need to open the texting app when not needed and reading to a message when not interested in doing so.

This feature might be a tiny feature, but it adds lots of convenience to the one using it. It can be also seen that there is a third-party app called AutoNotification that enables the activity in the Gmail. Further, this feature will make the process easy and quick, which will let the message sender know that the message has been read when you are running out of your time by reading along, insignificant message.

Upon implementing this feature completely, there will be an added button to select from the notification bar of the newly arrived message. This button will be called “Mark as Read”. WABetaInfo also hints that the texting giant “WhatsApp” is working on a newer button, now, that will let the user mute a chat quickly from the notification scroll itself. The company has not spilled beans on the new beta versions of WhatsApp so that it can introduce these features for common users of WhatsApp.

Other additional features of WhatsApp, in the recent times:

It is well known that there is a back-to-back feature announcement from the texting app “WhatsApp” to make the user interface easy and simple. Recently, the company came with a feature that enables blocking a member from sending a message to a WhatsApp Group by the Group Admin.

Also, the company introduced a feature that will enable forwarding label for the suspicious messages received as messages. There is also a suspicious link detection feature coming in future, for which the work is progress and testing is being done with Android beta versions, now. Further, the users are allowed an option to convert their WhatsApp audio call into a video call. The switching is made easy through one tap in the middle of the call now. There are also some group-specific features added to the WhatsApp group user interface that includes a user search feature also. With new updates, users are able to export their account data with regard to GDPR (general data protection regulation) requirement.

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