Whatsapp Testing Suspicious Link Detection Feature To Curb Circulation Of Spam


The second move initiated by the most-used texting app “WhatsApp” is in the process of making now. According to the reports, this move is introduced to curb the spam news circulation in its platform, and it is dubbed as “Suspicious Link Detection” feature. The feature is still in its testing stage, and it is tested to stop or lower the circulation of suspicious and spam links that come via WhatsApp messages, which direct to the harmful sites in the web world.  The updated version is available as a beta Android version of 2.18.204; however, the update is still not available for public use at the initial stage, yet.


New Feature:

On this note, WABetaInfo reported that the new feature Suspicious Link Detection will analyze the links that are received in WhatsApp message and detects the suspicious links among them. Once equipped with the update, the app will be able to identify automatically whether a link is directing to a genuine website or to a fake website that may come with harmful content, which would corrupt your device’s system. After the software identifies a polluted content, that particular message is marked with a red label to show that the message contains links to suspicious websites. This will make the users of the texting app be aware of harmful spams, which they get through their messages.

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Further, the screenshots posted by WABetaInfo shows that Whatsapp also uses a pre-typed message to alert the users when they try to open an inappropriate website (harmful or corrupted). The message thrown at the malicious content read as follows: “This link contains unusual characters. It may be trying to appear as another site.” The company also told the media that it analyses the link by itself. It can be understood that the link will not be taken to the servers of WhatsApp. Furthermore, the user data will not be staked in the process of detecting the suspicious links.

As of now, the feature is not made available to WhatsApp beta version of 2.18.207 of Android. But, as WABetaInfo suggest that WhatsApp is still testing the feature, one can expect this feature to be rolled out for the beta users in the near future. There are more features expected along with this improvisation. One of the rumored features is that there will be an option to report the suspicious link manually. For instance, when users come across a malicious link through their message, they can manually report to the texting app company about the suspicious link.

Whatsapp’s Other Updates:

There are many measures brought in to control the spam messages entering into the texting app that has more than 1.5 billion active users, every month, worldwide. Before the introduction of the above-discussed feature, WhatsApp introduced a feature called Forwarded Label. This feature was intended to find the fake news that is in circulation through the texting app. This help the users easily find the forwarded messages that may lead to a harmful content.

Other safety measures by WhatsApp:

WhatsApp was recently in news for spreading the fake news that led to mass lynching in India. The IT ministry of the country asked the texting app company to take necessary actions to control the fake news in the texting platform. The company has taken help from local experts to fight the spreading of fake news and was also found announcing research awards for researchers who are interested to bring in innovations to control the growth of fake news. These measures are taken in order maintain the place that the texting app has taken in all these years. Especially, the app has over 200 million active users in India alone.