Zebronics 5-Port Docking And Charging Hub With Mushroom LED Lamp: ZEB-5CSLU3 Specifications, Price And Availability In India

The five-port docking hub is a neat and organized solution for charging multiple portable electronic gadgets

Zebronics 5 Port Charging Dock

Zebronics has launched ZEB-5CSLU3, a 5 port docking station that comes with a cute and functional mushroom-shaped LED illumination that is ideal as a bedside lamp. The entire product is able to serve as a powerful charging station as well as lamp.

Popular IT peripherals and surveillance products manufacturer, Zebronics, has launched ZEB-5CSLU3. The product is a five-port docking hub with USB ports that offer fast-charge capabilities. The charging stand also includes a mushroom LED lamp with soft-glow illumination.

Zebronics ZEB-5CSLU3: Specifications

The five-port docking hub is a neat and organized solution for charging multiple portable electronic gadgets. The dock is available in two variants. There’s a 4 port model which comes with detachable baffles with LED lights. The other variant, called Zebronics ZEB-5CSLU3, is 5-port docking station. Using this variant, users can charge 5 devices simultaneously. The intention behind this charging station is to reduce the clutter of many wires that remain hanging off the walls.

Zebronics 5 Port Charging Dock

The charging dock has 5 standard USB charging ports. Zebronics assures all the USB ports are controlled by an intelligent Integrated Circuit (IC) based charging platform. Essentially, the smart IC recognizes the device’s ability to absorb charge and then modulate the output to ensure fast charging. The docking station has ports that have varied output. The standard combination of 5 volts and 1 Amp and 5 volts 2.1 Amp is accompanied by a Quick Charging USB port as well. The top four ports support 5 volts, but the bottom USB port comes with fast charge technology that varies output between 5 volts, 9 volts, and 12 volts. The maximum output of the docking station peaks at 6 Amps.

The aesthetically designed charging station includes a cute and functional mushroom-styled LED lamp. Users can use it as a bedside lamp or place it on an office desk. The company claims the docking station was conceptualized to sport a clean and minimalistic design, confirmed Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics. Speaking about the launch, he said, “The need for devices to do more, perform better has always been the focus of our brand with our 5 port charging dock we’re all about supreme performance with minimalistic design.”

Zebronics 4 Port Charging Dock 1

Zebronics ZEB-5CSLU3: Price and Availability in India

The five-port dock station, Zebronics ZEB-5CSLU3, carries a list price of Rs. 3,495 in India. The four-port model costs slightly less at Rs. 2,445. This model lacks the mushroom-shaped LED lamp. Both the variants are currently available on the official Zebronics website. Buyers can also grab these charging stations from all leading stores across the country.

Zebronics is a popular brand in India. The Chennai-based company makes multiple products. But it primarily focuses on the IT segment. Some of the popular products that Zebronics offers include speakers, monitors, earphones, gaming mouse, power banks, mechanical gaming keyboards, wireless audio peripherals, etc.

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