India’s 1st Smart Crossover Electric Bike Launched: TRONX ONE e-Bike Packs Smart Display, Virtual Gears And Powerful Lithium Battery Pack

India’s first smart crossover electric bike, the TRONX ONE promises up to 80 Kms on a single charge, a top speed of 25Km/h, and other advanced features.


India’s first smart crossover electric bike for swift urban commute has been launched. Tronx Motors, a Smartron company, launched the TRONX ONE, a powerful eBike that promises up to 80 kilometers on a single charge, a top speed of 25 Km/h, and several other advanced features.

Smartron’s Tronx Motors has a new eBike ready for the Indian roads. The TRONX ONE is the company’s first electric mobility product that will eventually help it build the Tronx brand and product line. Interestingly, the company is keen to develop its very own tronX ecosystem, which supposedly should make commuting easy in urban areas.

TRONX ONE: Specifications

A Lithium battery pack powers the TRONX ONE eBike. The company offers multiple ride modes and Virtual Gears. Three electric gears and 6 speed Shimano shifters grant the ability to vary the distance and speed. The shifters are vital to vary the range by cleverly optimizing the speed of the eBike.

Fortunately, the material of construction used in the TRONX ONE aids in the range. Tronx Motors has chosen to build the eBike on a premium AEROGRADE ALLOY frame material. Airplanes are built from this exceptional material because its exceptionally light. Besides possessing high tensile strength, the material resists rust and corrosion. Six-sheet Shimano Tourney gear system works with two 26-inch X 2.0 crossroad type tire sizes. The combination allows the TRONX ONE to traverse a range of terrain with ease.

The TRONX ONE sports a multi-faceted smart display. TronX software powers the display. It uses clever algorithms to estimate range. Users of the eBike can also snyc it with their smartphones, and set fitness goals.

Powerful eBike For Eco-Friendly Bikers:

The TRONX ONE packs a lightweight 36 V 13.6 Ah Lithium battery. The battery relies on lithium battery technology powered by advanced Samsung cells. Interestingly, the battery is detachable, and presumably supports hot-swapping. This feature can allow the eBike riders to quickly swap out depleted batteries with freshly charged units for a quick turnaround. The eBike users can easily leave the depleted cells behind to recharge via a wall-mounted charger.

The 500 Watt battery is paired with powerful 250W rear hub motor. Tronx Motors claims a fully-charged battery pack can propel the TRONX ONE for 50 kilometers on continuous throttle mode. However, if the eBike user opts for electronic gear Assist Mode, they can stretch the range to 70 to 85 kilometers on a single charge.

TRONX ONE: Price and Availability in India

Tronx Motors has partnered with service and care partners in select Indian cities. The company plans to launch the TRONX ONE initially in Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Eager eco-friendly commuters can opt for a test ride in these cities by booking slots. The eBike will be available in two colors – magma red and pacific blue. The company plans to ship the bikes from today. Of course, the first customers will be the ones who pre-booked the vehicle quite some time back.

Given the features, the TRONX ONE does not fall in the affordable eBike range.  Tronx Motors have priced the eBike at Rs.49,999 on an introductory offer. Also, the price is valid for limited number of units. Interested buyers can still place orders on the tstore. New and potential buyers can preorder the eBike, but will get their vehicles after pre-orders are delivered.

The TRONX ONE was under development for quite some time. Needless to add, the company may have been fine-tuning the eBike for Indian roads, which present their own unique set of challenges. Moreover, the company has hinted at developing a tronX ecosystem. This could be the company’s own hive deployment that can offer the eBike riders to turn in depleted batteries in exchange of fully-charged units. Though plausible in urban areas, these are mere speculations at this early juncture.


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