OnePlus “WARP Charge” trademark filed to replace DASH Charge moniker

OnePlus gives a new name to its fast charging tech to avoid trademark infringement


OnePlus stayed “mum” about its fast charging technology called “DASH” at the OnePlus 6 announcement. Usually, its DASH charging is one of the company’s strengths. There’s a reason for that, and it pertains to the name rather than the actual technology itself. OnePlus intends to change its name — and it has filed a trademark in the EU for “WARP Charge” instead.

The Chinese Android OEM has filed a trademark in the EU to this effect. The trademark application filed on July 13th indicates a recent decision to push forward with the new name. The trademark application also lists the uses of WARP Charge, including “wireless chargers.” There are no wireless chargers from OnePlus just yet, but we have a feeling this new claim is indicative of future wireless charging in OnePlus devices.

Why DASH Charge is now WARP Charge

OnePlus doesn’t need two brand names for its charging technology unless it intends to create a new charging category or source (solar charging, for example). Therefore, it is an industry consensus that OnePlus is filing a new charging trademark because the DASH brand name has been rejected.

And that’s what we find when examining DASH Charge as a name. Two companies own trademarks bearing the “DASH” name. The first is Amazon, the online retailer giant. Amazon has a “Dash Replenishment” automatic ordering service that puts in an order of laundry detergent before your last batch runs out for your smart washing machine (among other things). It’s a genius feature, really, with the service “perceiving” your needs before you need them. The second company who owns a “Dash” label is Bragi. Its “The Dash Pro” intelligent wireless earphones come with fast charging, 30-hour battery life, and storage for up to 1,000 songs. And yes, Bragi’s intelligent earphones also provide access to Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant out of the box.

We were told that OnePlus was considering a fast charge name change back in May. The new EU trademark filing within the last few days is the proof.

OnePlus abandons DASH Charge

OnePlus 3

OnePlus’s new WARP Charge indicates the company has abandoned DASH Charge. There is additional evidence outside of the EU trademark filing, however. OnePlus updated its devices in the OxygenOS Beta, replacing “DASH” from its update language with “charging rapidly” instead. Next, online stores stopped calling the company’s charging cables “DASH” cables and opted for the generic “fast charge cable” label instead. These online stores must have gotten their orders from the smartphone maker itself to discontinue the label when selling OnePlus phone chargers.

OnePlus has been marketing the DASH Charge name for its fast charging technology and cables since at least the OnePlus 3 (at least four generations of OnePlus devices). The company’s charging technology is quick and superior to even USB Type-C charging in its fast charging capabilities. OnePlus pursued its fiercest Android rival, Samsung, with competition videos for the OnePlus 5.