Fortnite Mobile on Android May Not be Available on Google Play Store; Here’s How You Can Install

The much-loved battle royale game was announced for Android devices in May, but new evidence shows that the game will be launched exclusively for the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note to be unveiled shortly


The highly-awaited mobile version of the game Fortnite is all set to launch in a few days, but there seems to be a twist. Word is, Fortnite Mobile won’t launch on Google Play Store in spite of what was expected. The company making the game, called Epic Games, has not yet announced the date of release, but it is learnt that the game will be released for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 only, during the unveiling of the phone on August 9.

Fortnite Mobile: On Android

The much-loved battle royale game was announced for Android devices in May, but new evidence shows that the game will be launched exclusively for the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note to be unveiled shortly. On the other hand, there is a list of Android phone that will support the game, and it only goes on to show that the game is not exactly exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This means that the game is coming to several Android phones, but not in the conventional way of easy download and installation from the Google Play Store app.

The Fortnite Mobile game did appear on a test page of Google Play Store earlier, but it wasn’t available for users. While this suggested, then, that the game was coming to Google Play Store for a wide range of Android devices, we can now safely conclude that the game must have been on the test page for its beta development. The reason for this conclusion is a leak from the website pages of Epic Games that instructs Android users on how to download the game from outside the Google Play Store app. If the game was to be made available on the Play Store, it would make no sense for Epic Games to direct Android users to other web pages for external download.

Fortnite Mobile: How to Download

While the news is not confirmed yet, let us suppose that the popular game is coming to Android but not to Google Play Store, and will be available on the phone only on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, since that is what all the leaks are hinting at. What do you do in this case? Well, if you’re using an Apple iPhone, there is no problem, since the leaked instructions to download the game show a clear direction to the App Store for iOS devices. But for Android users, there is no reason to fret either.

Leaked images of the game to be launched show one reading: ‘Fortnite Battle Royale On The Go! Same gameplay, same map, same weekly updates. Download and install Fortnite through your browser’. Note that it does not say Play Store, and instead asks users to download the game from their internet browser, and shows a link called ‘Get Started’. Another page says ‘Once you download, you will be prompted with some security permissions. This is necessary to install any app outside of the Play Store. See you on the Battle Bus!’

As is clear from the text on this page for Android users, the app will be available to download from the web but not from the Google Play Store. There is a download link included in the second page. Now that we have dealt with the what and the how, let’s talk about the why of the whole roundabout.

Fortnite Mobile: Not on Play Store

The reason for Google Play Store losing out on the Fortnite Mobile for Android game is simple: simplicity. Android devices offer a certain simplicity of use where you can download games and other apps from outside the Play Store and install them, provided you give them security permissions at your own risk. Apple does not let you do that. In both the iOS app store and the Google Play Store, the gaming company will have to let go of 30 per cent of its profits, as that is the cut kept by the official billing system on both the mobile stores. Considering that we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, it is not that surprising that Epic Games decided to save money by offering the Android version outside of the Play Store.