Jio GigaFiber Effect: ACT Fibernet is Offering 150Mbps Broadband Plan with 1.5TB FUP For Rs.999

ACT Fibernet is Offering Free 300GB of Additional Data to Users in Select Cities on Long-term Plans

The Jio GigaFiber is set to arrive next month and the Internet Service Providers are putting up their best show to keep their subscribers base intact. ACT Fibernet is one of the most popular broadband service providers in India. The ISP is going all out with its offerings before Jio GigaFiber steps into the market. The broadband service provider has recently launched a 100Mbps Broadband Plan with 1TB FUP at Rs.699. And, now it has come up with a 150Mbps broadband plan with 1.5TB FUP limit at an effective price of Rs. 999.

ACT Fibernet 150Mbps Broadband Plan for Rs. 999: Details, Benfits

The latest ACT Fibernet offer is available only in Chennai circle as of now. If a user opts for the ACT Thunder broadband plan priced at Rs. 1,499 for 12 months, you will be eligible for a free service for six more months from the company and the effective cost of the plan comes down to Rs. 999. Additionally, ACT Fibernet is offering 150Mbps with this plan.

Similar Plans from ACT Fibernet

Apart from the 150Mbps plan, ACT Fibernet also has a 100 Mbps plan with 1TB FUP limit with an effective cost of Rs. 699 per month for a period of 18 months. There is one more plan where the Internet Service Provider is offering 200 Mbps. If a customer opts these plans for six months, ACT Fibernet will be giving additional two months of free service, translating to a total of eight months of service in total. If a user opts the Rs. 1049 broadband plan for six months, then the effective cost of the plan per month comes down to Rs 786 for eight months. If the customer goes for the six months or the one-year rental plan, the company will also be waiving off installation charges. Furthermore, the Internet Service Provider will also provide the user with a free Wi-Fi router too. On top of that, ACT Fibernet is also offering the users a total of 1500GB of free data which will be valid until August 31, 2018.

It is important to note that ACT Fibernet is providing this six months free service offer on the one-year rental plan in Chennai city only. In the other operating circles, the ISP has different schemes to offer. For users in Delhi choosing yearly rental plans, ACT Fibernet is giving 20% additional data. And for the Hyderabad users, the internet service provider is offering an additional six months of free service that comes with the 24 months rental plan.

ACT Fibernet Modifies Data Speeds

Apart from launching new plans, ACT Fibernet has quietly increased data speeds of some of its broadband plans in Hyderabad circle. The internet service provider has increased the speed of Rs. 1050 broadband plan to 100Mbps for the users in Hyderabad. Previously, the plan only offered a speed of 75Mbps. The ACT A-Max 1299 plan worth Rs. 1,299 is now offering a net download and upload data speeds of 150Mbps. The ISP has also introduced a 200 Mbps broadband plan in Hyderabad, which is called the ACT Incredible 1999 plan. Earlier, the  ACT Incredible 1999 plan offered users with 150 Mbps speed, but it has now been updated to offer an impressive 200 Mbps. The broadband service provider has also revised the FUP limit on all of the above-mentioned plans.

With Jio GigaFiber on its way, the broadband service providers have been preparing to keep their subscribers base intact and get more customers onboard. Reliance Jio is already making it big with its cost-effective prepaid recharge plan. And, now it is in direct competition with the largest wired broadband service provider. The company is expected to offer lucrative data plans with impressive speeds. Hence, the other broadband service providers are revising their old plans and rolling out new ones. State-run telco, BSNL has also updated its high-end broadband plans recently, offering more data and increasing FUP limits.

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