Airtel Launches Bandwidth on Demand Platform to Target Global Consumers For Realtime Management

Airtel has started a new bandwidth management platform called Bandwidth on Demand for all its customers, including global businesses.

Airtel Bandwidth on Demand

Airtel, the biggest telecom provide in the country, has launched a new global platform today. The new service, which allows Airtel users to manage their bandwidth from anywhere in the world, is called Bandwidth on Demand.

Businesses and individuals can access the platform quickly and easily. They can then efficiently manage and monitor the bandwidth requirements with ease. Since businesses usually have their own specific needs when it comes to data, they can use bandwidth on hourly, daily or monthly basis. This would also provide better efficiency when it comes to costs and gives tighter control.

The platform will allow customers to control the bandwidth requirements in real-time, which is useful when you have to manage a team from a different country. As of now, the new platform will be available to users across 19 locations in the world. Customers in Dubai, Singapore, London, New York, Los Angeles, Marseilles, Hong Kong, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, will be able to take advantage of the service.

According to Airtel, the platform has been built on its global network, which spans 5 continents and 50 countries. The network can handle a bandwidth capacity of up to 10 terabits/s. Ajay Chitkara, the Director and CEO of Airtel Business stated,

“In today’s fast-paced market, agile products and services are imperative to drive greater operational efficiencies. With Bandwidth-on-Demand we want to empower our businesses to be able to seamlessly opt for flexible network solutions that will not only help them manage their unpredictable bandwidth requirements but also accelerate the adoption of newer technologies and help them move faster in their cloud and digital journey.”

This is a great service by Airtel, and will surely help customers and businesses that are overseas, or need better management of bandwidth. The company also recently acquired the Indian leg of GBI submarine cable, which connects India with the Middle East and Europe. This adds on to its global network with EIG, SMW4, MENA, and IMEWE, while providing better and longer capacity for its bandwidth.

How to Use Airtel Bandwidth on Demand

If you are an Airtel customer, you can gain access to the Bandwidth on Demand service by heading over here. You can then request for a callback from Airtel and they will help you setup the service on your side. You will be given a rate plan and the login credentials required to access the platform. After that, you can request for a bandwidth schedule based on your needs, and then take control.

It is as easy as that, and certainly helps businesses a great deal. This is the first of its kind self-service bandwidth on demand solution in the country. If you were looking for a seamless data connectivity solution for your business, then this new service from Airtel could be your answer. It is also very cost effective, which we have mentioned earlier.

The platform is currently live and ready to be used as per your requirements. Simply log in with the given credentials, set it up for and you are good to go.

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