iPhone X Plus, 6.1-inch LCD Apple iPhone Model Dummy Leaked in Hands-on Video: Report

Dummy units offer a unique glimpse at the dimensions of the upcoming Apple iPhone.


A new video has surfaced courtesy of notorious mobile leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer that claims to show off dummy units of what is the upcoming 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and also the yet to be named 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, which is believed to be the lower-end budget offering for Apple this year.

iPhone X Plus leaks

The video comes only days after pictures of the alleged dummy units surfaced online to provide an early glimpse as to what the larger iPhone X may look like as well as the makeup of what the new iPhone with a revamped LCD screen could look like.

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The video, provided by Tigermobiles.com, shows the clearest view yet of the devices to give a perspective on the size. Both iPhone devices are expected to debut alongside the 2018 iPhone X, which is due to launch in only a few months. Other than the physical size of the two devices due to the variation in screen size, the biggest difference between the two devices is the dual-lens camera on the iPhone X Plus and the single-lens on the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, which would suggest it will be positioned at a lower tier than the iPhone X.

iPhone 9 Entry-level

There is said to be a third device in the mix that will be released as the iPhone 9, which will bridge the gap between the latest iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, which is considered the tenth-generation iPhone. The alleged iPhone 9 could be priced between $600 (approximately Rs. 40,300) and $700 (approximately Rs.47,000). The lower-end 6.1-inch iPhone with the LCD display could be priced as low as $549. To reach that price point, Apple will need to sacrifice some specs such as including less RAM, dropping 3D Touch support, and obviously using a cheaper display than the OLED display used in the iPhone X models.

iPhone X Plus

Both iPhone models have a shiny silver frame. Apple is thought to be using a steel frame on the larger device and an aluminum frame on the 6.1-inch iPhone in order to save costs on the lower-tier device. In addition to the variation in screen-size, the bezels on the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone are slightly thicker than that of the iPhone X Plus and presumably the current generation iPhone X, although that comparison cannot be definitively drawn as it doesn’t appear in the video.

The dummy units used in the video both have white backs. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is often very accurate with his predictions on Apple’s movements, believes the next-generation iPhone X models will be available in Black, White, and Gold, while the 6.1-inch model could come in a wide variety of colors, including red, blue, orange, gray, and white.

iPhone X release

The dummy units are likely not officially Apple prototypes and are more likely to be models created in China based off leaked design schematics that have been created by a third-party. While they are based on leaks, the dummy units do reinforce the recent rumors around what we can expect the iPhone X Plus and LCD iPhone to look like. However, the usual disclaimer still applies that any leaks are subject to misinterpretation, change, and misdirection, so the really only official information surrounding the next iPhone devices will be when they are released in September.

Let us know in the comments section below, which iPhone are you looking forward to? Would you prefer a cheaper iPhone to benefit from the latest iOS features, or would you be looking for the cutting-edge iPhone X Plus?


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