BlackBerry Evolve, Evolve X India Launch Event Starts: Watch Live Updates

The highly anticipated BlackBerry Evolve and BlackBerry Evolve X smartphones to be launched today at 11 AM.


BlackBerry recently sent out media invites indicating the company will launch the highly awaited BlackBerry Evolve and BlackBerry Evolve X smartphones. BlackBerry has taken great pains to protect both these devices from leaks. Information about the devices is quite hard to come by. Until recently, these BlackBerry smartphones were also referred to as the BlackBerry Ghost and BlackBerry Ghost Pro respectively.

BlackBerry Evolve, Evolve X India Launch Event: Live Streaming

BlackBerry brand licensee Optiemus Infracom recently sent out an invite for smartphone launch in India. The company has scheduled the event to announce the BlackBerry Evolve and BlackBerry Evolve X on August 2 at 11 AM IST. Unfortunately, Blackberry is not live broadcasting the event. But not to worry, we at MSP Gear will certainly try to offer live updates of the event as it commences. Just scroll down to our live update section to follow along.

BlackBerry Evolve, Evolve X India Launch Event: Live Updates

BlackBerry Evolve: Specifications, Features

The BlackBerry Evolve could be the smartphone previously believed to be codenamed ‘Ghost’. BlackBerry has successfully held on tightly to most of the important hardware specifications of the smartphone. However, it is quite likely the smartphone will have a mid-range Snapdragon 660 chipset. Incidentally, this is the same SoC that’s embedded in the recently launched BlackBerry Key2. But instead of a physical keyboard layout that’s on the Key2, the BlackBerry Evolve could feature an ‘all screen’ design. BlackBerry fans that have preferred the physical full QWERTY keypad experience may have to be content with the virtual rendition of the same.

If the smartphone does have an all-screen design, then it might feature an 18:9 aspect ratio. This will invariably result in a taller display and slimmer bezels. The screen size of the Evolve has not been leaked. But the official launch event should reveal the resolution and pixel density. The main highlight of the smartphone is going to be its large 4000mAh battery.

A Snapdragon chipset can also mean the device will support Quick Charge technology. The 4000mAh capacity also means buyers could experience a high ‘screen on’ time for at least a couple of years.

The company just released a teaser about the launch of these two smartphones. It hints at a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and dual rear cameras, on at least one of the two devices in the Evolve range. If only one version of the smartphone is to get the dual rear camera setup, then the BlackBerry Evolve X should be a safe bet.

The BlackBerry Evolve might include 4GB of RAM. The Evolve X variant, on the other hand, might sport more RAM.

BlackBerry Evolve X: Specifications, Features

The BlackBerry Evolve X could be the ‘Ghost Pro’, and if the naming scheme is any indicator, might feature slightly better specifications than the BlackBerry Evolve. Both the smartphones have 4000mAh battery. But the Evolve X may pack 6GB of RAM, which will give users more multitasking options than having 4GB of RAM in smartphones.

This model could also have a taller display and slimmer bezels, leading to an 18:9 aspect ratio just like the BlackBerry Evolve. The teaser did hint at dual rear cameras, and we assume this version will sport the same on the backside, in addition to a single front-facing camera.

Instead of a Snapdragon 660, the BlackBerry Evolve X could boast of the 10nm Snapdragon 710 SoC. Needless to mention, this chipset will be able to deliver more performance while consuming less power in return.

These specifications are mere speculations at this stage, and may change once the official launch of both smartphones has concluded. If you wanted BlackBerry devices that would not be accompanied with physical keyboards, and would flaunt an all-screen handset, perhaps the Evolve and the Evolve X are the smartphones you should buy once they officially go on sale in India.

BlackBerry Evolve, Evolve X: Price and Availability in India:

Optiemus Infracom, which has licensing rights for BlackBerry-branded smartphones in India, and other South Asian countries, will officially sell the two upcoming BlackBerry smartphones. The company could confirm pricing and availability details at the event. Both the devices will be Android smartphones.

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