Panasonic 4K LED, OLED TV Series With HDR 10+ Technology Launched in India at Price Starting Rs.65000

Panasonic has launched fantastic colour-grade 4K and OLED TVs in India that come with HDR 10+ support and feature extremely large screen sizes to fill up your living room comfortably

Panasonic 4K, OLED TV Series With HDR 10+ Technology Launched in India at Starting Price of Rs. 65000

Panasonic, the ultra-thin television manufacturer has unveiled its 4K and OLED TV series in India. While the OLED lineup only includes a total of two series, the 4K series includes a total of 11 models. Part of the reason why the 4K TV series have included so many models is that their starting price is much more affordable as compared to the OLED lineup. For additional details, you can check out the information below.

Panasonic OLED TVs: Price in India, Specifications

The two Panasonic OLED TV series that have been added to the list of products being sold in India are categorized under the FZ950 series and feature a 55-inch screen size while the 65-inch models are named FZ1000. Both of these series feature OLED panel technology, which is more superior compared to traditional LCD and LED screens that you are used to seeing. Thanks to OLED TVs, the overall thickness of products can be reduced drastically, which is why you continue to see thin and light TVs such as these.

Also, the overall power consumption will be reduced considerably, which will benefit your electricity bill at the end of the month. Furthermore, the colour accuracy of such TVs is outstanding, as these display crystal clear images with unprecedented quality. The overall brightness of OLED TVs is also increased, which is always going to be beneficial if you plan on setting one of these up in an area where there is a lot of ambient light surrounding a particular room.

However, one drawback that you will have to encounter is the fact that these models are going to be very expensive, with this lineup starting at a price of Rs. 299000 in India. According to Panasonic, both OLED TV series are equipped with the latest Hexa Chroma Drive PRO colour management system, which will produce rich colours. These products also come with an absolute Black Filter, super bright panel, ultra fine tuning technology, and thin dynamic blade speakers.

The new OLED TVs also run on the renamed version of the Firefox operating system which is called ‘My Home Screen 3.0’. This will give buyers the flexibility to customize and navigate apps faster and with a higher level of convenience. The interface that these TVs run at also come with a swipe and share mechanism that lets users share content between the TV and other smart-devices over the home network.

One other unique feature is that they come with a two-way Bluetooth audio link function to let users play music via a smart-device on the TV speakers.

Panasonic 4K LED TVs: Price in India, Specifications

As mentioned before, there are 11 models added to the lineup and they will start a price of Rs. 65000. Looking at the pricing of these televisions, they are more economical than the OLED lineup, but if you have the money and space in your home to accommodate such a TV, we don’t think you should be stopped. Just like the OLED TV series, the 4K models feature absolute Black Filter, super bright panel, ultra fine tuning technology, and thin dynamic blade speakers.

Panasonic 4K, OLED TV Series: Sale Details

The sale details of both the Panasonic 4K and OLED TV series have not been detailed but we suspect that they will be listed on Flipkart very soon. We say Flipkart because it is one of the most popular online stores in India and if it is not going to be Flipkart, then it is certainly going to be Amazon India that ends up stocking these. We will be updating this information as we go along.

Panasonic 4K, OLED TV Series: What the Company Says?

Here are what the executives belonging to Panasonic India had to say about the latest 4K and OLED TV series. You can check out the images at the bottom to know more.


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