Apple iPhone 8 Single Camera Model, iPhone X Leather Folio case Granted Design Patents: Report

Another week, another bunch of Apple patents and trademarks.


Apple is no stranger to patent applications as it looks to protect its IP and innovation against copyright. Recent applications have seen new technology that could be incorporated into upcoming devices revolving around the transfer of power from one device to another. Simply put, one day, Apple expects your MacBook to be able to wirelessly charge the iPhone.

The latest patents are a little different as today Apple posted a patent that focused around the design of the iPhone 8, an iPhone X leather folio case, and a ‘Smart Tempo’ trademark.

iPhone X Leather Folio

As highlighted in previous articles cover Apple patents, unlike “patent applications,” design patents published by the U.S. or any foreign Patent and Trademark Office never reveal detailed information about a design. Instead, we’re provided with a simple patent figure and left to interpretation as to how they could be implemented.

The first granted patent carrying the designation 1800279.0M001 reveals the folio design that shows raised edges around the device housing showing it will be fully protected. The opposite side of the folio has two pieces of material placed on top of the outer folio casing suggesting that there will be three pockets that could house items such as documents or credit cards. The patent was entered into the register on the 3rd August 2018, which does leave enough time for Apple to potentially include this as an official case when it launches the next generation of iPhone devices in September.

iPhone 8

PatentlyApple has also discovered a design patent report covering the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office granting Apple a design patent for the iPhone 8, which focuses on the smaller screen and single camera array. The purpose of this patent design is presumably to protect its design within the jurisdiction of the patent and give Apple claim to the design should it require in the future.

Apple Smart Tempo

Finally, and possibly most interestingly, Apple has filed for a trademark for “Smart Tempo”. It was filed in Hong Kong under application 304621220 and covers the following:

“Computer software for creating and recording music; computer software for sound mixing and synthesizing; computer software for digital audio production, processing, and editing; computer software for control, customization, and performance of virtual software instruments and audio effects.”

The feature was introduced to Logic Pro X as a free update at the beginning of this year and allows the user to record a performance without the metronome and have Logic Pro adapt the project tempo to match that of the recording.

Smart Tempo includes three modes, Keep, Adapt, and Automatic:

  • Use Keep mode to use the project’s tempo for syncing all tempo-related material
  • Use Adapt mode to have Logic analyze and follow the tempo of a recorded performance or audio file.
  • Use Automatic mode to let Logic Pro choose the mode, based on whether or not a tempo reference (such as the metronome, or another region) is in your project. When a tempo reference is present, the project tempo is maintained. When no musical tempo reference is present, the project tempo adapts to match the tempo of recorded or imported audio files.

By filing for a trademark for the term, it could mean Apple may look to roll out a similar feature with the same branding across more of the company’s products that extend into the mobile world, such as Garageband, and felt the need to protect it.

What has me most excited is the iPhone X Leather Folio case as you can be sure that the quality will be excellent if designed by Apple and will fit the iPhone X perfectly, something that can’t be said about some of the third-party equivalents. You can bet it will have a nice appropriately inflated price tag with it also!