Jio GigaFiber Effect: ACT Fibernet Launches Gigabit Services to Offer 1Gbps Broadband Plan at Rs.2,999

For Rs.2,999, ACT Giga plan gives its subscriber 1Gbps of speed for a maximum FUP limit of 3,000GB. A

ACT Fibernet is Offering Free 300GB of Additional Data to Users in Select Cities on Long-term Plans

As an after-effect of Jio’s GigaFiber’s launch, its competitors have also launched similar services in order to retain their customer base. ACT Fibernet recently launched its 1Gbps speed Gigabit Broadband Services in Chennai. The company had extended the same plans to Bengaluru and Hyderabad last year.

ACT’s 1Gbps Broadband Plan:

For Rs.2,999, ACT Giga plan gives its subscriber 1Gbps of speed for a maximum FUP limit of 3,000GB. A 6-month subscription will give you a month free and a 12-month subscription will give you 2 months free. The cost of the monthly plan is Rs.2,999; semi-annual plan costs Rs.17,994, and the cost of the annual plan is Rs.35,988.

Existing users can upgrade their ongoing plan to Giga plan. All they have to do is pay Rs.2,500, which areas half of the normal installation charges. New users will need to pay Rs.5,000 as installation charges.

ACT Fibernet has a couple of Retail plans under ACT Giga for SME (Small Medium Enterprise). ACT SME and ACT SME Silver offers its subscriber 1Gbps of speed with a maximum FUP of 4,000GB starting at Rs.2,999. This plan of ACT provides 1,000GB more than other retail plans.

ACT SME has incremental plans in place as well. For every extra 1,000Gbps spent, it’ll cost you Rs.1,000 more. Speed beyond the FUP limit will be 1Mbps for every 1,000GB spent. There is another plan for Rs.8,999 that offers 1Gbps speed and 10,000GB data before FUP and after that 10Mbps.

ACT Fibernet and Amazon Pay

Making bill or new connection payments towards ACT through its site, portal or app via Amazon Pay now makes for a hassle-free bill payment and leads to amazing offers for its subscribers.

India’s largest fibre-optics wired broadband ISP, Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd. (ACT), announced its collaboration with Amazon Pay for the creation of a quick and impeccable bill payment channel for its subscribers.

Benefits of this E-wallet

E-wallets are now omnipresent because of being a convenient and a safe way of making payments online. ACT Fibernet aims to provide a wholesome user experience to its subscribers. With Amazon Pay, the transaction process will be accelerated and will help in a single tap bill payment. The e-wallet will be available to all the ACT Fibernet 1.3 million subscribers across the 14 cities of India.

ACT Head of Marketing, Ravi Karthik said that payments through digital wallets have phenomenally changed the way money transaction is made today. It is secure, fast and extremely convenient. He expressed his happiness towards extending the e-wallet service to their customers via Amazon Pay. He believed that the easy payment option will magnify the user experience as well as add value to their lives.

Acceptance and Merchants Payments Director, Amazon Pay, Manesh Mahatme said that they too are happy to join hands with ACT Fibernet. He reiterated that they understand customer needs and try to always enhance the payment experience across platforms. He stressed that their main aim from any partnership is to elevate digital payments into the most trusted, rewarding, and convenient choice for it customers.

Amazing cashback offers are awaiting the ACT customers who use Amazon Pay to make the bill and new connection payments this August.


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