MIUI 10 Global Beta 8.8.9 Update Released for Xiaomi Phones With Major Improvements in Notifications

The rate of recommendation for this update is 96 per cent, with the official MIUI tester community strongly recommending it

MIUI 10 Xiaomi Devices

In a great news for Xiaomi smartphone users today, the Chinese company has rolled out a new update for its MIUI 10 skin, with major improvements and bug fixes. One of the administrators at the MIUI forum has posted the news and also the download links for the new MIUI 10 Global Beta 8.8.9 update. The admin has also said that the new update comes highly recommended by the Mi community of testers.

MIUI 10: Global Beta 8.8.9 Update

The MIUI 10 skin is still under the making, with the last official release MIUI 9.5 inching towards this new ROM. The admin who posted the news and related links on the MIUI forum has said that the MIUI 10 update brings bug fixes and system optimization, with 96 per cent rate of recommendation from the super moderators, moderators, Alpha and Beta team members, porting team members, and bug hunter team members among others. They have “strongly recommended you to flash this update” the admin said.

MIUI 10: Global Beta 8.8.9 Update Fixes, Optimization

Among the many changes made in the new update to the MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM are some significant bug fixes and system tweaks. These include the fixing of the blank toggles that were appearing in the notifications bar, the failure of notification sounds in WhatsApp on dual SIM phones, and WhatsApp showing double notifications for each message. The notification font also was not being displayed properly, and these bugs have been fixed in the MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM version 8.8.9.

Also, in some phones, some apps were missing after the last update, and this has been fixed now. The music player on the lock screen from Android Oreo was getting covered in black, and that issue too has been resolved. For Spanish language users, the user interface was getting stuck when the device would be disconnected from the Bluetooth. For Russian language users, the Security part of the UI was failing to work when the device was connected to charging cable. These bugs too have been fixed now.

MIUI 10: How to install Global Beta 8.8.9 Update

The MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM version 8.8.9 is available for manual downloading and flashing now. The official MIUI forum page where the news was posted provides download links to the ROM for Xiaomi Mi 5, Mi Max, Redmi 3S, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 3 Special Edition, Mi Max 64GB, Mi Max 128GB, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm, Redmi Note 4X, Mi Note 2, Mi 5s, Redmi 4X, Mi 5s Plus, Mi Max 2, Redmi 4A, Mi 6, Redmi Y1, Redmi Y1 Lite, Mi MIX, Mi MIX 2, Redmi 5A, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro, and Redmi S2.

As always, you need to save your phone’s data before you upgrade to the new ROM, as all data will be lost. Fastboot method is recommended for those using the stable ROM versions of MIUI 7, MIUI 8, or MIUI 9. For those using the Global Beta ROM of MIUI 9, the new version will be available for download in the ‘Updater’ section. You need to unlock your phone’s bootloader before flashing the new ROM. Flashing guide link is also available on the MIUI forum page.

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