Dropbox introduces add-on for Gmail on Android; iOS version to follow soon

The add-on is available for download for free from the G Suite Marketplace.


Unless you have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that compels you to neatly arrange all your files into folders in alphabetical order on your computer, chances are that you probably have at least a few files scattered and conveniently forgotten about in your inbox.

Addressing this issue, Dropbox has announced a new, cool feature. In a new blog post, the company announced a new add-on feature in the Gmail app that allows Gmail users to view, store and share any file, which includes documents or videos, all within the app. Users will not have to leave their inbox at all in case they want to store or share any files now.

This feature comes as a part of its Google Cloud partnership and can be used on any browser. However while only Android users can make use of this feature at the moment, iOS users might not have to wait too long before it reaches their devices. This feature can be considered as an addition to the Gmail extension to Google Chrome.

This makes using the Gmail app niftier as users will not have to switch between two or more apps an can access Dropbox directly from the inbox. Moreover, shared links will also always point to the latest versions, so now you will never have to update email threads each time that files are updated.

A very useful feature about this new add-on is that it allows users to add links to either a file or folder, without the hassle of any additional software. So now you needn’t worry about how big the file is or if you have enough space in your inbox. The add-on also allows users to download files right from their inbox to their Dropbox, so everything can be saved easily in one place.

The company also announced that while users will be able to save received attachments and Dropbox links to their Dropbox now, they’ll be able to share links through a Gmail compose experience only later this year.The new Dropbox add-on is available for download for free from the G Suite Marketplace.

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