Facebook Traffic Has Dropped By Almost Half in the Last Two Years, While YouTube Booms

A new report has highlighted the fact that the Facebook website has seen a huge decline in traffic over the last two years, and YouTube might take its place as a top website in the U.S.

Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zukerberg

The title probably doesn’t shock you as much, because everyone pretty much knew that Facebook’s traffic has been dropping in the last few years. Now, a new report has confirmed the same.

Facebook has managed to cut its traffic by almost half in a span of two years. The social network went from getting 8.5 billion visits a month, to around 4.7 billions last month. There are many reasons for the cut-down in traffic, one being all the privacy issues the company has faced in the last few years.

Several users have lost trust in Facebook, and have downright quit the social network. Its stock also fell really bad a couple of weeks ago. Still, that is not really an issue for the company, as its total user-base across all its apps has increased a lot since last year. Yes, in case you forgot, Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and also has the Messenger app.

The report states that it sees a shift happening, where users are going to other Facebook apps more often than the main website. It notes that people are spending up to 56 minutes a day on Instagram now, which was about 27 minutes last year. This report is only looking at the U.S traffic by the way. Users are also using the Facebook app more than the website, so it is still getting a lot of traffic and gaining new users.

In the U.S, the top 5 websites are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and Amazon. Because of the decline in traffic, Facebook’s number two spot could soon be taken by YouTube says the report. Traffic to YouTube has been growing at a fast rate, thanks to the younger generation preferring video content to written content. The Google-owned site has gained a lot more subscribers/viewers in the last year. If the traffic continues to grow at the current pace, then it will steal the number 2 spot from Facebook by the end of this year. The report states;

Now we are on the edge of a paradigm shift – our projections show that soon YouTube’s traffic will pull ahead of Facebook to become #2, and Amazon’s traffic will soon pull ahead of Yahoo to become #4 (data highlights below).  If current trends continue, both flips will likely occur in the next 2-3 months.

Yahoo’s place is also being threatened, as Amazon traffic is also seeing good growth. The search company isn’t doing very well and has been declining since new technologies have come up in the last few years. The site gets about 1.9 billion traffic per month, whereas Amazon has managed to get upwards of 2 billion a couple of times this year.

According to another recent study, Facebook and its companies have added more than 700 million users in the last year. So, Facebook as a company is still growing, but there is a decline in traffic to its main site. The company is also looking at monetizing its messaging app, WhatsApp, by adding advertisements to the Status section. Another report also revealed that the company is internally testing a dating service called Facebook Dating.

Yes, Facebook is no longer just a social network, instead, it is a network of several social apps and services.


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