Windows YouTube client myTube gets Windows Timeline support in new update

The updated upp, myTube version 3.3 is available for download from the Microsoft Store.


MyTube, the third-party YouTube app, has just received a new update and everybody’s excited. The myTube version 3.3 comes with a ton of features that include the ability to watch videos and chat with friends in “Rooms” at the same time. It also has support for Windows Timeline and a new theatre mode, which are the few of the most interesting features in the update.

There is also another private mode feature that allows you to browse the internet without saving any of your viewing history. You can also now switch between any of the languages that are support by myTube.

The Windows Timeline feature allows you to watch videos in a specific Timeline, which means that you can also resume watching from wherever you may have last stopped. The Theatre Mode allows users to watch the video within the full app window, and not enter into full-screen mode.

The company has also released some interesting stuff for Xbox users. Users can now swap between the TV UI and the PC UI seamlessly and a mouse cursor is also available in the PC UI. The “Up Next” UI also has some new updates such as the selected UI element will now look a lot like the Xbox system UI in the sense that it will be highlighted by a coloured glow.

The updated app, myTube 3.3 for Windows 10 PC, Xbox and mobile is now available for download from the Microsoft Store. You can take a look at the complete list of features in the update here:

  • Added myTube Rooms (beta), which allows you to watch videos together and chat with friends
  • Added Private Mode to settings, which prevents watched videos from being recorded to history or the timeline
  • Enabled manual language selection
  • Small changes to reveal lighting brushes and button template
  • Fixed playlist bookmarking
  • Fixed some strings which weren’t translated
  • Fixed issue where pressing enter in the description text box on the upload page didn’t create a new line
  • Fixed occasional crash that could occur when the app tries to load new videos in a list that was already disposed of
  • Fixed issue where devices might not show up in the video share menu
  • Reduced memory usage of the WebView player after it’s finished being used
  • Removed requirement for remote system to have a status of “Available” before casting to it
  • When an app restart is required and the device doesn’t support restart requests, a toast is shown allowing the app to be restarted after being closed
  • Optimized http server code, improving the performance of myTube-to-myTube casting
  • Will attempt to cast with myTube-to-myTube casting even if the remote device URI launch fails, as the launch can sometimes succeed but still return an error
  • (Fall Creators Update) When a setting is changed that requires a restart, the app will actually restart instead of closing
  • (PC) Added Theatre Mode
  • (PC) Watched videos are added to the Windows timeline
  • (PC) Zoom in animation on thumbnails when moused over
  • (PC & Mobile) Added playlist history to history page
  • (PC & Mobile) Added individual video tile pinning
  • (PC & Mobile) Added small size template to live tiles
  • (PC & Mobile) Added “Up next” experience to the end of videos (same as on Xbox)
  • (PC & Mobile) Slightly modified layout for account section
  • (PC & Mobile) Fixed bug that caused the comment section header to sometimes have the title of the video, instead of “Comments”
  • (PC & Mobile) Fixed issue where the text selection highlight wasn’t visible in the search box
  • (Xbox) Added the ability to leave TV Mode and use the PC UI
  • (Xbox) Enabled share button in video details
  • (Xbox) Rebuilt “Up next” UI
  • (Xbox) Fixed issue where jumping forward with LB/RB would not seek to the correct time in WebView playback unless the player controls were visible
  • (Xbox) Worked around UWP issue where the cursor may appear during WebView playback, causing the player controls to always be visible
  • (Xbox) Added support for system reveal focus visual
  • (Xbox) Directional focus is less strict, so items won’t be skipped if they slightly overlap the currently focused item


SOURCEWindows Central

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