Lenovo ZUK Smartphones To Make A Comeback; Implies Invitation Letter Posted on Weibo

Is the ZUK Mobile, owned by Lenovo, making a comeback? Previous reports have confidently confirmed that ZUK was shut down

Lenovo ZUK Mobile

Smartphones from Lenovo ZUK may be making a comeback. A mysterious invitation letter released on Weibo implies that the three-year old sub-brand of Lenovo may have survived the axe. Furthermore, it could indicate the brand is actively developing smartphones.

Lenovo established the ZUK brand in May 2015. However, with prevalence of Lenovo’s self-branded smartphones as well as popular mobile phones from the Motorola brand that Lenovo currently owns, the company appeared to be considering shuttering the ZUK brand, and instead, focus on the other two. There were persistent rumors and reports that claimed Lenovo is shutting down ZUK Mobile.

Lenovo ZUK Mobile Lives On?

Last year, quite a few media outlets had reported that Lenovo had gone ahead and shuttered the ZUK brand. They went on to add that Lenovo retained several high profile managers and employees of the brand. These employees were swiftly reassigned to key positions in Lenovo’s numerous other divisions and asked to handle operations.

Incidentally, there are several compelling reasons that justify Lenovo’s reported decision to shutter ZUK Mobile. According to several analysts, Lenovo continues to face intense competition from several smartphone companies not only in China, but other parts of the world. Competition from brands, including Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi from China, coupled with continual development at Asus, Nokia, and other brands, may have compelled Lenovo to minimize the internal segregation.

Lenovo ZUK Mobile
[Image Credit: Weibo]
The last device to bear the ZUK Mobile brand was the highly awaited ZUK Edge. It was a smartphone that could have been a truly bezel-less device. Interestingly, the smartphone may see the light of the day in a new avatar. Lenovo appeared to have assimilated all the devices and equipment from the ZUK Mobile brand into the Lenovo and Motorola brands. All devices currently under development under the ZUK brand would be released under these two brands, including an rumored flagship-class smartphones.

However, the invitation that recently appeared on Weibo appears to quash any rumors. It appears to nullify the subsequent reports about the rather premature closure of a popular smartphone brand.  This invitation not only seems quite vague, but bears an obscure and rather out-of-date imagery as well. The official Weibo account of ZUK Mobile posted a photo that contained an invitation letter for ZUK Z1 smartphone. Incidentally, ZUK launched its first smartphone in 2015, and the invitation is from that time-period. A cryptic message, “Like The World” accompanies the dated invitation.

What Will Lenovo ZUK Mobile Launch Next?

It may still be possible that Lenovo’s ZUK Mobile brand will attempt to reestablish itself after reportedly been extremely near a full shutdown. Officially, almost everyone involved with ZUK Mobile have denied the resurrection of the ZUK brand. Hence the ZUK official account releasing “Like The World” or “Such As The World”, depending on the interpretation, continues to remain a mysterious development.

If the ZUK Mobile is planning to make a comeback, it would surely attempt to launch a flagship-class smartphone with top-end hardware and powerful specifications, at a rather attractive price. Previous ZUK Mobile smartphones did feature top-end hardware, and also had ample battery.

ZUK’s last phone was the ZUK Edge. The company had also made an entry in the Indian market with the ZUK Z1 and the ZUK Z2 Plus. However, Lenovo’s Vice President stated that the ZUK UI will run on the upcoming Motorola smartphones instead of stock Android. If things go as expected, the company might stay on course for its software on Motorola handsets.

While this meant ZUK Mobile was closing down, the development on ZUI continued. Hence the ZUK brand never truly winded down. It may have continued to trudge on silently, away from the commercial operations. Perhaps the obscure post on Weibo might be a clever hint by someone who handles the Weibo account of ZUK Mobile about future developments, or it may have been an inadvertent error. Whatever the case, we at MSP Gear will surely update our readers about any development.