Apple iPhone 9 With 6.1-inch LCD Display Would be Priced Similar to iPhone 8: Report

Apple iPhone 9 will reportedly have an LCD screen variant that will be priced around the iPhone 8.

iPhone 9

Apple’s flagship iPhone X turned out to be the most expensive iPhone, last year. The phone also introduced the notch trend that was picked up by a majority of Android manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, and even Google. Now, Apple seems to be working on the iPhone 9, which is expected to be priced lower than the iPhone X. The report from TrendForce suggests that the company could be looking at launching a variant with an LCD screen instead of AMOLED. Whereas, the other two variants will feature AMOLED screen. Of course, the LCD screen variant would be the one with a lower price tag than the other two. Let’s take a look at the other aspects that are revealed by the report.

Apple iPhone 9: 6.1-inch LCD Screen

TrendForce reports that the upcoming 6.1-inch LCD screen variant of the iPhone 9 could be priced at $699 (Rs. 48,859) in India. There might also be a dual-SIM version that is most likely to be sold in markets outside of the US. To recall, this pricing is similar to the price of the base variant of the iPhone 8. Besides, this time around, all the variants of the upcoming iPhone 9 would have Face ID.

Apple iPhone 9: Other Two AMOLED Variants and iPhone X Plus

Moreover, the report states that the other two premium AMOLED variants will both have 4GB of RAM. The 5.8-inch model could be the successor to the iPhone X, but it will be priced lower, between $899-$949 (approx. Rs. 62,839 to Rs. 66,334). The report further spills that the with the launch of the 5.8-inch model, the already available iPhone X will start its “end of life” process. This will be because of similar specs and lower pricing of the upcoming variant. Of course, no one would pay a higher price for the iPhone X when they will get an alternative in the form of iPhone 9.

The second AMOLED model will feature a 6.5-inch display with Dual-SIM connectivity for select regions. The starting price of this variant could reportedly be the same as the iPhone X, around $999(approx. Rs. 69,829). For the Indian market, we can expect these phones to cost higher than the indicated US pricing. However, the LCD variant would still be on a lower side even in Indian currency.

Other than these three models for the iPhone 9, there have also been rumours about the next-generation iPhone X and an iPhone X Plus versions. Both of these models will have OLED screen, there have also been videos that show off the new design for these phones, but their authenticity is still in question. The design is expected to be edge-to-edge with TrueDepth camera system. Apple will be retaining the notch design.

Under the hood, the premium variants of the house are most likely to have A12 processor. However, this time around, Apple may integrate them with powerful GPUs. With the help of an uber powerful GPU, Apple will be further-proofing its devices for the upcoming AI and AR advancements and especially for the wider effect of Siri that may soon be more active than ever in assisting the users with day-to-day tasks. As for the A12 chip, it is going to be the first 7nm process-based chipset from Apple, which will be faster and more efficient than the current 10nm-based offerings.

Apple iPhone 9: Expected Launch Timeline

Apple is expected to bring out these new phones in a month at its customary press conference. We are most likely to witness their launch by the end of September 2018. Besides, a few reports have hinted that the Cupertino giant might hold back the release of the cheaper LCD version of the iPhone 9 and unveil it after two months, in November 2018. The delay is reportedly due to production hindrances.

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