Alleged Honor 8X or Honor Enjoy 8S Images Leaked on TENAA Showing V-Shape Notch

Brand new smartphones from Huawei’s sub-brand called the Honor 8X and the Honor 8S have been leaked via TENAA and they reveal a uniquely shaped notch

Alleged Honor 8X or Honor Enjoy 8S Images Leaked on TENAA Showing V-Shape Notch

More devices from the Honor brand have started to show up in the latest leak and these images could very well belong to the upcoming Honor 8X or the Honor Enjoy 8S, depending what the official name turns out to be. What can we expect from this phone other than a V-shaped notch? Our readers should carry on reading to find out.

Honor 8X/Enjoy 8S: V-Shaped Notch Display Images Leak on TENAA

The Honor 8X or the Honor Enjoy 8S has leaked courtesy of TENAA and it reveals a very interesting thing about the smartphone’s display. Whatever the official name of the device is going to be, the V-shaped notch is going to be a very unique way to increase the screen-to-body ratio on a smartphone. For a very long time, handsets were getting shipped with rectangular notches, but it looks like manufacturers are finding new ways to reduce the surface area of the black patch that you see on the top of the display.

That V-shaped notch might be one of the most significant changes coming to a smartphone but it can also mean that the Honor 8X or the Honor Enjoy 8S might not get deployed with 3D facial recognition. For a phone to feature advanced 3D facial recognition, there need to be multiple sensors, which will take up a large portion at the top side of the device, resulting in a wider notch.

With the Honor 8X, you will get more screen to work thanks to a uniquely shaped notch and that it is always beneficial when you’re a customer.

Honor 8X: Notched Display Image Leaked With Screen Protector

A new leak of the alleged Honor 8X shows a screen protector that is placed next to a smartphone unit, and it cannot be confirmed at this time if it is a retail unit, engineering sample, or a dummy. However, the difference here is that the notch shown on the smartphone is wider than the rumoured v-shaped cutout that you will be noticing in the earlier leaks.

Even though this notch is wider, it will still not feature a 3D facial recognition system. However, to give buyers more options when it comes to an improved camera, the Honor 8X/Honor Enjoy 8S could feature a dual-camera at the front, where the second camera being added for depth sensing purposes. This will give users the option to create selfies with Bokeh effects, making those images more detailed and prominent than before.

Honor 8X: Everything We Know Till now

The detailed hardware specifications are something that we cannot comment on right now properly as we do not have the complete set of information. However, the display technology is going to be IPS LCD because Huawei normally reserves these more expensive OLED screens for the high-end smartphone models. The chipset powering the Honor 8X/Honor Enjoy 8S will be a Kirin 710 and it will be able to deliver more performance than the Kirin 659.

This will bring increased performance to devices that are priced cheaper in Honor’s lineup, giving buyers the opportunity to experience more capable smartphones while also spending less money to witness that privilege. The screen size could measure at 6.5 inches, with a battery capacity coming in at a 3500mAh capacity. The taller display and slimmer bezels will mean the phone will easily be able to fit in your hand despite the enlarged screen.

As for the price, it is expected that the Honor 8X/Honor Enjoy 8S will cost 1299 Yuan (approximately Rs. 13103.66) at launch, but the official price in India is something that we will need to update you about in the future.

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