Jio GigaFiber Effect: ACT Fibernet Now Revamps Broadband Plans, Offers More FUP, Raises Speed

ACT Fibernet is trying its best to sustain its user base in the light of the various lucrative schemes by Reliance Jio

ACT Fibernet is Offering Free 300GB of Additional Data to Users in Select Cities on Long-term Plans

It is good news for the subscribers of ACT broadband services in Hyderabad. ACT Fibernet has not only increased the speed of the broadband plans but has also revised a select few plans to afford them more FUP data.

The Revised Plans

The Rs.1,050 plan was revised to offer more speed than before. That is why customers receiving 75 Mbps before will now be getting a speed of 100 Mbps. ACT Rs.1,299 A-Max plan now has a combined download and upload speed of 150 Mbps. ACT Rs.1,999 Incredible plan now offers its subscriber 200 Mbps of speed, unlike the previous 150 Mbps.

FUP revisions have been done for Rs.1,050 plan. Its monthly FUP limit has been reset from 600GB to 750GB. Rs.1,299 plan’s 750GB of monthly data limit has been revised to 1TB. The Rs.1,999 plan now offers 1.5TB data limit per month from 1.25TB of data earlier.

ACT Fibernet Launches Broadband Services in Warangal With Plans Starting at Rs.549, Offers Up to 100Mbps Speed

Besides the revisions on existing plans, ACT is also offering discounts to subscribers who opt for either a half-yearly or a yearly payment plan. For example, a subscriber of the Rs.1,050 plan will now get 750GB of data limit and a speed of 100Mbps. If they opt for a yearly payment plan, they will only have to pay advance rental for 10 months as 2 months service will be free. Also, there will be no installation charges as well.

Therefore, the user will enjoy 100Mbps 750GB FUP limit broadband connection for a year for only Rs.875 monthly. If the user opts for an 18-month rental plan, the user will have to pay for only 12 months service as 6 months charges and installation cost will be ‘zero’.

Other Service Providers

First, Airtel completely removed the FUP limits from all its broadband plans in Hyderabad. Now, ACT follows suits and revises its broadband plans and adjust speed and FUP limits in the same city. It does not take a genius to figure out that all the moves made by these ISPs are in preparation of Jio GigaFiber launch on August 15.

ACT’s move can be said to counteract the competition that will be indulged in soon with the August 15 launch of Jio GigaFiber. Though Hyderabad has been the lucky recipient of the speed and FUP limit revisions, it will not be the only city for long. With a 65% market share, Hyderabad is a crucial market for the internet service provider.

ACT and Amazon Pay

ACT and Amazon Pay have joined hands. ACT subscriber making broadband bill payments through Amazon Pay will become eligible for a 10% Cashback with a maximum of Rs.1,000. With this tie-up, ACT aims to provide its customers with a seamless and quick payment channel. Amazon Pay will be available on the company’s site, portal, as well as the app as an additional mode of payment.

As per ACT Fibernet press statement, e-wallets have become omnipresent because of their benefit of being a secure and convenient means of payment. To offer a holistic experience to its users, ACT partnered with Amazon Pay. The latest feature will reduce the time taken to make the transaction as well as facilitate one-tap bill payment. The service is available to all ACT subscribers.


ACT Fibernet Broadband Bill Payment Using Amazon Pay Will Get You Rs.1,000 Discount“]

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