Snapchat’s Latest Android Update Brings Better Performance, New Features, But Requires Root to Enable

The latest Snapchat beta for Android has a hidden Snapchat Alpha feature that brings major improvements to the app.

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The ephemeral app, Snapchat, has been around for a while now. However, the app on Android hasn’t been at par with the iOS version. Snapchat on Android is much slower, has choppy video, and isn’t as smooth as it is on iOS. It’s all about to change soon as a new Snapchat for Android update is coming soon.

Snapchat’s latest Android update will be much smoother, and according to the company, is being completely built from the ground-up. The company has been working on this since November 2017. Although, the update hasn’t been officially released yet, you can enable the new version if you have root access on your Android device.

The new version is called Snapchat Alpha; because it is still in development, and there will be bugs and other issues that will pop-up. The first thing you will notice after enabling the Alpha, is that the interface is much smoother. The app also includes some design changes, and other improvements.

Snapchat Alpha for Android – What’s New

Like we said earlier, the most important new change with Snapchat Alpha, is the speed. Things such as the camera UI, the friends list, and more, are much faster than the current version. Snapchat has definitely worked on the app and made it better to use on Android. The design changes can be found in the Settings menu, the Stories page, and also in the Friends list.

In the current version of Snapchat, the Friends list has a transparent Navigation bar at the bottom. With the new update, this bar is black, and it looks kind of better. Snapcodes are no longer present in the profile page. The trophies page and share menu has also been removed. However, this seems to be because of the alpha tag, and should be available in the final public release.

You will also notice several smaller UI changes, that make the app much cleaner. And that’s about it for now. Snapchat might add some other design changes before the public launch though. Unfortunately, it looks like the app is still taking a screenshot of the camera viewfinder, instead of actually using the camera. Hence photos aren’t that great. Hopefully, the company changes that before releasing the final version.

You should only enable the Alpha version if you don’t mind the app crashing or not responding at times. This is normal, because the app is still in development. Some of the options within the app don’t work, and that could leave you frustrated. For example, you won’t be able to send chat messages in this version. If you are a regular user of Snapchat, then we suggest you wait for the app to be finished and officially released. It will probably not take much longer now.

Snapchat Alpha – How to Enable

Alright, so you are a risk-taker, and want to try out the new Snapchat Alpha. Before you enable the feature, you will need to have root access on your Android device. Also, you will need a PC with ADB already running. Finally, this feature can be enabled with the latest Snapchat beta app, so make sure you are receiving beta updates.

Now that you are mentally prepared, head over to the source link at the bottom, and follow all the instructions.

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