Jio GigaFiber Effect On Airtel V-Fiber, ACT Fibernet: How The Plans, Benefits Changed After Jio Entry

Airtel and ACT Fibernet have both revised their internet plans after the announcement of Jio's GigaFiber service.


Reliance’s Jio network has taken over the nation, with over 100 million subscribers already. And now, the company is ready to launch its Jio GigaFiber high-speed broadband service as well. The service provides 100Mbps broadband connection with several benefits and offers, and the competition is threatened.

Jio’s main competition in the internet sector, are companies such as Airtel, and ACT. These companies have been around from a long time, and have also introduced high-speed broadband services and offers after Jio announced its service.

The companies have updated their plans and benefits to better compete against Jio’s GigaFiber. Both Airtel and ACT have reduced the pricing, and are providing offers such as unlimited usage, and so on. Although Jio hasn’t revealed any pricing plans for its services yet, the competition wants to make sure that its customers don’t change paths.

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Jio has already disrupted the mobile network market in India, and it plans to do the same with the broadband market. The company has also opened registrations for Jio GigaFiber, and will start the service soon in regions that has shown the most interest.

ACT Fibernet: Benefits Changed, Plans Revised

To compete with Jio, and to not loose its customers, ACT Fibernet has improved its plans by offering more speed and data usage.

The ACT Fibernet plans start at Rs. 1050, which now gives 100Mbps speed, and 750GB of data usage. The second plan starts at Rs. 1299, and gives users 150Mbps speed with 1TB of data. The last plan, which costs Rs. 1999, will provide 200Mbps of speed and 1.5TB of data usage.

Apart from increasing the speed and data usage for its plans, ACT Fibernet is also providing discounts when opting for a half-yearly or yearly payment cycle. The service provider will also not charge any money for installation. On a yearly payment plan, users will get 2 months of service free, so they will only have to pay for 10 months. You can contact your service provider for more details regarding this.

Airtel V-Fiber: Benefits Changed, Plans Revised

The biggest mobile network carrier in the country, Bharti Airtel, has gone one step further, and completely removed the FUP limits on its broadband plans. Those using Airtel’s V-Fiber service in Mumbai will not get unlimited usage with the Rs. 699, and Rs. 1999 plans.

Those using the service in Surat, Ahmedabad, Infocity Gandhinagar, and Jamnagar, will get the Rs, 499, Rs, 599, and the Rs, 1099 plans with unlimited data usage. Users of the Rs. 1999 plan in Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi NCR, and Chandigarh will get unlimited usage. And finally, those in Karnal, Agra, and Ambala, under the Rs. 499 and Rs. 1999 plans, will be converted to unlimited as well.

This is how Airtel plans on fighting Jio’s entry as an internet service provider. The company is also offering up to 20 percent discounts if customers plan on paying the subscription costs in half-yearly or yearly methods. Airtel is also going to change all its broadband lines to the high-speed V-Fiber network, which provides up to 300mbps of speeds. On special customer request, it will also upgrade the speed to 1Gbps, but with extra costs.

Jio GigaFiber: Registration Details, Plans

Jio hasn’t really revealed any details about its broadband plans yet, but it will be revealed soon. The company only announced that all those who have registered for Jio GigaFiber, and are eligible to receive the connection, will get three months of free subscription. The Jio GigaFiber Preview offer will give three months of free usage, with a 100GB FUB, and 100Mbps download and upload speeds. It will also provide free top-ups, allowing users to get up to 1.1TB of data in one month.

There is no registration fee, but the customer will have to pay Rs. 4500 for the Jio ONT device during installation. This fee would be refunded to the customer when the device is returned in good shape. We will tell you more about the Jio GigaFiber plans once it has been announced.

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