Twitter to Soon Introduce Threaded Conversations like Facebook And Who’s Online Feature

Twitter is set to introduce new 'Facebook-like' features that will help users join or allow any conversational thread easily as well as allowing other users to see who's online

Twitter thread

A tweet from Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter has suggested the social Media giant are readying new updates for the platform which could now be expected to roll out soon. This tweet, hinted at the social media platform making some exciting changes, that could indicate current online users, with the aim of helping more easily to follow Twitter conversation threads.

Jack Dorsey’s tweet read, “Playing with some new Twitter features presence (who else is on Twitter right now?) and threading (easier to read convos),” Dorsey tweeted, along with samples. However, it’s entirely up to users’ as to how they take these updates. On the one hand these could change the way Twitter used to function, by taking out some old, redundant methods and getting along with more convenient ways of following and responding on different activities here; but on the other hand, there could be a few problems that people might face, concerning privacy. Either way, let’s take a closer view of what’s in store and what it could mean for the future.

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What’s New with the Twitter Updates?

There are ideally two features that have been suggested with the tweet and TechCrunch was on hand to report the same with much detailing. One of it, as indicated, would be the “Presence” feature, which ideally is to make it much easier for the user to engage with the people they are following and are currently online at the time of use. The other “threading” feature will understandably allow Twitter users to follow a particular conversation in a much easier way than the current embed and click through method. This second feature is to enable users to simplify responding and joining a conversation rather than the current system which could be considered a process in itself.

The other feature, like ‘threading’ will help users ease into joining a conversation rather than following a mechanical process to post their replies. Threading essentially indicates that there would be a new thread-theme to conversations, where its users may find it much easier to follow any conversation, where they don’t have to click through a bunch of tweets and makes it kind of difficult to follow what’s happening on that thread.

What does it mean now?

There are plenty of possibilities that could emerge with these new features. For instance, if you are online, then it could show, to your followers, much similar to Facebook’s feature. However, many users now feel this could become a problem, while many others might not want their followers to know if they are currently online. It could mean all your followers can see you are there and might want to get into a conversation which you might not be interested in, leading to an array of notifications as well as unwanted chatter. What it could do for celebrities and other prominent users is unimaginable at best.

That said, Sara Haider, Twitter’s Head of Product did respond to a concerned user regarding the privacy factor. The user responded on Jack Dorsey’s thread with the initial tweet and expressed the idea that Twitter should instead add an opt-in feature to the new additions. To which Sarah replied, “would definitely want you to have full control over sharing your presence”, and this comment might be an indication that the feature might allow users to announce their presence rather than be shown to other users by default.

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In this age where privacy is so much valued and if Twitter fails to provide that to users with these updates, then there could be a backlash from many users who might not want such a feature, that hampers their presence on the platform. However, Twitter is suggesting there could be no issues to the privacy factor as well as hinting that there could be measures taken to ensure the user decides to show their status to others.

On the other hand, the other “Threading” feature is set to be welcomed with open arms. From a neutral perspective, this could be a sign of how Twitter might develop further features in the future, and looks like they are working hard towards making it comfortable and convenient for users on the platform.

However, there is no news or confirmation as to when these features will be rolled out to the general public, although it seems like there has been a testing period between select users chosen by Twitter. However, as TechCrunch puts it, users are still wondering when they could be getting the ‘edit’ button.

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