Apple 6.5-inch OLED Device Named iPhone Xs Max; May Come With Dual SIM Option, 4GB RAM: Report

It seems that the Cupertino giant has replaced the 'Plus' suffix with 'Max' for its future phones.

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The new Apple iPhone models are set to be unveiled by the Cupertino giant at ‘Steve Jobs Theater’ in the Apple Park on September 12, and we have some new information about the line-up. Among the new line-up are LCD as well as OLED display phones, and the OLED display handsets are supposed to be the successors to the Apple iPhone X. Now, we have learnt that the larger one among them will be called iPhone Xs Max.

Apple iPhone Xs Max: New Name Leaked

The 6.5-inch Apple OLED smartphone in the works is going to be called Apple iPhone Xs Max, according to a report by Apple product reviewing site, 9to5Mac. There has been widespread speculation about the names of the new iPhones, and several suggestions and rumours have made the rounds. The last proper leak was that the successor models to the Apple iPhone X which will come in two OLED display models in different display sizes, to be called iPhone Xs.

Now that we know that the larger one among these will be named iPhone Xs Max, we think it makes sense. This is not entirely surprising either, since the brand has released its flagship phones in two sizes, the larger of which it was naming with a ‘Plus’ suffix. Now, the ‘Max’ seems to serve as the new suffix, replacing the ‘Plus’ that came with iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8, but not the iPhone X.

Apple iPhone Xs Max: Leaked Specifications

Apple likes to keep its products quite secret until the day of the official unveiling, which, in this case, is September 12. There have been several rumours and some leaks, so we will put across to you what we think we know about the new Apple iPhone Xs Max. The device will sport a tall 6.5-inch OLED display, and come with gold finish on the sides.

Apart from that, we have learnt that Apple has bumped up the RAM on the new iPhone Xs Max to 4GB, and added a dual-SIM configuration. You can expect the new Apple iPhone Xs Max to have a speedier processor too, as a new A12 chipset seems to have made its way in.

Apple iPhone Xs Max: Launch and Price in India

The Apple iPhone Xs Max is set to launch at ‘Steve Jobs Theater’, a new and large disc-shaped amphitheatre that can have about a thousand people in attendance, and looks superb with its glass walls all around. Apple has already sent out official invitations asking fans to ‘gather round’, and we appreciate the pun. What we know is that the company will unveil the Apple iPhone Xs Max, Apple iPhone Xs, another LCD model of the iPhone to cost lesser than these two, and the Apple Watch Series 4.

There could be more products unveiled at the new venue, and we’ll be among the first ones to report on that if there’s any new information. The Apple iPhone Xs is speculated to be priced $ 999, and the Apple iPhone X available in India with a 3GB RAM and A11 Bionic chipset costs upwards of Rs 86,000. It is safe to presume that the new Apple iPhone Xs Max will cost more than that.

So what do you think about the new Apple iPhone Xs Max? Are you excited about the launch event in Cupertino? Which product do you look forward to seeing the most, from the four we mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below, and keep following us for timely updates.


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