This 48MP AI Camera Smartphone Is Worth The Wait


Smartphone innovation has come a long way over the past few years. One of the most prominent developments in phones has been in the camera department. The idea that only pricey handsets offer good imaging capabilities no longer holds true. OPPO is such a brand that has produced market-disrupting smartphones with industry-first features at affordable price tags. One such feat of engineering marvel about to make its way to consumers is the OPPO F11 Pro: the first smartphone from the brand to feature a massive 48MP camera sensor at its back.

While the OPPO F11 Pro’s 48MP + 5MP rear dual camera setup sounds impressive on its own, the integration of AI on this phone takes it to the next level. The phone essentially makes use of a 48 MP AI Ultra-clear engine that is made up of three primary components–AI Engine, Ultra-clear Engine, and Color Engine–which offer a plethora of shooting modes that take full advantage of the F11 Pro’s large sensor.  

The first of these is an ‘Ultra Night Mode’ that combines the AI Engine and Ultra-clear Engine to grab exquisite low-light images. One of the optimizations this system offers is image stabilization for long exposure shots. It is also capable of skin brightness in challenging lighting conditions. The next mode combines the AI Engine and Color Engine to offer a ‘Dazzle Color Mode’. The use of a unique mapping curve allows the restoration of brightness and colors in images captured.  

With the OPPO F11 Pro, there is no need to manually toggle settings in Pro Mode to grab the right shot in different scenarios as OPPO’s AI Scene Recognition will handle it for you and recognize up to 23 scenes. A few of these worth mentioning include sunrise, sunset, snow, food, blue sky, grass and indoor. Once detected, settings such as saturation, exposure, highlights, and shadows will be automatically adjusted to levels that suit the scene, resulting in aesthetically enhanced pictures.   

The OPPO F11 Pro, with its 48MP primary shooter, is on track to be a powerhouse when it comes to smartphone photography. Not only does it make use of industry-leading hardware but it also expertly incorporates AI-powered software enhancements, resulting in a combination that is just right for brilliant photography.

If the price trend that OPPO’s F series has been setting is anything to go by, this new device will also flaunt a host of features at an unmatchable price.

This story has been created in partnership with OPPO.