Acer Launches KG1 Gaming Displays With Below 1ms Response Time, AMD FreeSync And Other Features

The recently launched Acer KG1 Gaming Monitors reportedly have sub 1ms response time. We report on the multiple other gaming-oriented features and prices of the displays.


Acer has launched an interesting lineup of monitors that gamers would surely appreciate. The Acer KG1 gaming displays can reportedly offer an amazing sub 1 millisecond response time. The monitors pack several different gaming optimized features.

The newly launched Acer KG1 Gaming Displays include seven variants. The Acer KG1 lineup ranges from the smallest display which measures 23.6-inch diagonally, and goes all the way up to 27-inches. Besides the astounding less than 1ms response time, the KG1 branded monitors also have gaming-oriented features like AMD’s FreeSync dynamic refresh rate technology, AcerAimPoint crosshair, an FPS counter, etc. for avid gamers who need to have displays that simply cannot lag.

Acer KG1 Gaming Displays Specifications

All the Acer KG1 Gaming Displays have Full HD TN panels with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. In other words, none of the monitors in the new KG1 lineup sport 4K resolution. However, Acer claims the TN panels can offer 0.5 ms and 0.8 ms GtG response times. In simple words, these monitors can offer screen response time between 0.5 and 0.8 milliseconds, measured in the industry standard ‘Grey To Grey ’ or GtG method. Incidentally, there’s a range because the response time is slightly different for the different sized TN panels. Incidentally, all the monitors have anti-glare non-glossy or matte finish displays.

Of course, the amazing screen response times might not be absolute, as historically these specifications have been over-hyped and overestimated by the marketing team. Still, if the sub 1ms response time is accurate, then the panels can essentially complete a GtG transition in about one-fifth the time required for an actual frame update. Needless to mention, this is certainly an amazing feat.

Acer KG1 Gaming Monitors
[Image Credit: Acer via AnandTech]
The rest of the specifications of the Acer KG1 Gaming Displays are fairly standard. Since the monitors have TN panels, they can offer standard 250 – 400 nits brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. They offer less than stellar 170 degree horizontal and 160 degree vertical viewing angles, which are quite acceptable. Interestingly, Acer is listing an sRGB color space for these monitors. They also pack 2 speakers with 2W output each.

The Acer KG1 Gaming Displays have most of the relevant inputs and ports. They sport a DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4/2.0 ports. Interestingly, some of the models also have the older but still very relevant D-Sub and DVI-D connectors.

Acer KG1 Gaming Displays Features

The less than 1ms response time is obviously the biggest selling point of the Acer KG1 Gaming Displays. However, since these are gaming-focused displays, they do come with relevant features that serious gamers need.

Acer KG1 Gaming Monitors
[Image Credit: Acer via AnandTech]
Intel recently sided with VESA Adaptive Sync. The AMD FreeSync is based on the same technology. Acer’s KG1 lineup too, supports AMD FreeSync. Gamers who regularly upgrade their GPUs would surely appreciate the FreeSync dynamic refresh rate technology. If that’s not enough, Acer has offered some gaming-oriented functions, such as AcerAimPoint crosshair, an FPS counter, and BlackBoost technology. The BlackBoost feature essentially helps keep fast paced action sequences sharp looking.

Acer KG1 Gaming Displays Price, Availability

The Acer KG1 Gaming Displays do come at a slight premium owing to the claimed sub 1ms response time and other gaming features. The most affordable model in the KG1 lineup is the 23.6-inch model, codenamed KG251QGbmiix. It costs around $169, which translates roughly to INR 12,000. The rest of the monitors vary between $213 and $328. However, the top-end 27-inch model, the KG271Fbmiipx, costs about $444 or approximately INR 32,000.

The Acer KG1 Gaming Displays have launched in Japan. There’s no confirmation about the international availability of the gaming-focused monitors yet. However, we expect the company would soon launch these displays in other regions, including India.


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