Affordable Apple Vision and Vision Pro Successor Already in Works: Mark Gurman

The cheaper Apple Vision will reportedly come with fewer cameras and sensors, lower resolution displays, and a less powerful processor.

  • Apple is reportedly working on a more affordable Apple Vision headset.
  • According to Mark Gurman, Apple will reduce the number of sensors/cameras, use an older processor, and lower resolution displays to decrease the price.
  • Gurman also claims the Cupertino-based tech giant is already working on a Vision Pro successor.

An affordable Apple Vision mixed reality headset is reportedly in the works. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the cheaper Apple Vision headset will be launched around the end of 2025. Gurman claims that Apple will likely swap two high-resolution micro-OLED displays for lower-resolution displays, use an older processor, and reduce the number of sensors and cameras to reduce the price. The industry analyst also states that the company has already started working on the Vision Pro successor, even though it’s still months away from releasing the original Apple Vision Pro in the market. Read on ahead to know all details.

Apple is Reportedly Working on the Second Generation Vision Pro and an Affordable Vision Headset

In his weekly newsletter – Power On, Mark Gurman stated that Apple has already started working on the second-generation Vision Pro headset. Notably, we are still months away from the official market release of the first-generation spatial computer from the company – Vision Pro. The analyst didn’t reveal much about the successor except that it will be a mixed-reality AR/VR headset, just like the original Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro is a technological marvel with cutting-edge innovations like spatial computing, EyeSight, two micro-OLED displays with 23 million pixels, VisionOS, 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones. However, all these innovations and cutting-edge hardware don’t come cheap, as the Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 (~Rs 2,88,500).

According to Gurman, Apple realises that the price point makes the Vision Pro out of reach for many. The Vision Pro is the most expensive Apple wearable device to date. According to Gurman, Apple is reportedly working on Apple One or Apple Vision to bring its spatial computing to the masses. The company is reportedly aiming at the 2025 year-end release for the cheaper headset and will launch it at a price that is several hundred dollars cheaper than the Vision Pro.

The report says that Apple will likely reduce the price by switching to AirPods for spatial audio instead of built-in audio pods and cheaper materials than glass and aluminium alloy. Additionally, the company might swap the micro-OLED displays for lower-resolution screens but will not compromise on EyeSight. Similarly, the company might eliminate extra sensors, cameras, and the 3D camera without hampering hand and eye tracking features.

We will learn more about these two offerings in the coming days. As of now, all eyes are on the Vision Pro set to launch later this year and the real-world user experience.