Airtel Digital TV Launches 6 New SD and HD Long-Term Plans: Details, Pricing


Airtel has a good hold over the DTH space with varied packages and plans part via its Airtel Digital TV service.  With the TRAI looking into making TV more affordable to customers, Airtel has gone ahead and announced a total of six new long-term subscription plans that aim to do just that. Users get the option of 6-month and 12-month subscriptions so that they can enjoy long-term benefits in addition to current plans that are active on their accounts. Let’s take a closer look at these new plans and their prices.

UDP Packs

First up is Airtel’s Unlimited Dhamaka Pack (UDP). This is the most affordable SD pack Airtel Digital TV offers. A six-month subscription (180 days) will set you back by just INR 799. Meanwhile, an annual subscription (365 days) has been priced at INR 1,349. These prices are the same for both standard and multi-TV subscriptions.

Hindi Value SD Pack

Airtel is also offering a new Hindi Value SD pack which includes ZEE, Star, and other channels. While a monthly charge of INR 280 is applicable for this pack, a semi-annual subscription of 195 days (six months + 15 bonus days) has been priced at INR 1,681 for standard users and INR 1,326 for multi-connection users. For an annual subscription of 360 days, standard users will need to pay INR 3,081, while multiple connection users will need to pay INR 2,431.

Gujarat Value Sports SD And Gujarat Mega SD Packs

The Gujrat Mega SD pack is again offered for either 195 days or 365 days. While the monthly charge for this plan is INR 510, standard users need to pay INR 3,062 and INR 5,612 respectively. As for multi-tv connections, users will be charged INR 2,424 for 6-months and INR 4,444 for 12-months.

Then comes the Gujrat Value Sports SD pack which has a monthly price of INR 336, but costs INR 2,016 for the 6-month (195 days) plan for regular users and INR 1,662 for multi-TV users. This plan with a one-year validity costs INR 3,696 for standard connections and INR 3,047 for multiple connections.

Gujarat Value Sports HD And Gujarat Mega HD Packs

Lastly, we have to HD plans which are similar to those outlined above. The Gujarat Value Sports HD pack costs INR 475 per month, while INR 2,851 will be charged for half-yearly plans and INR 5,227 for annual plans. This is for standard customers, while multi-TV users will be charged INR 2,352 and INR 4,312 respectively.

As for the Gujrat Mega HD pack, monthly charges are INR 699, 6-month charges are INR 4,197, and 12-month charges are INR 7,869. Multi-TV subscriptions will be charged INR 3,276 for six months, and INR 6,006 for twelve months.