Airtel to Pay Rs 7,000 Extra Per Month to Employees that have Newly Become Mothers

Airtel has announced that it offers Rs 7,000 per month to women employees who have just become mothers.


Airtel has announced an initiative that will improve its parental benefits for employees. The telecom company has announced that it will offer Rs 7,000 per month to women employees who have just become mothers. The special allowance of Rs 7,000 will be paid until the baby is 18 months old, said the company.

Note that this policy will be effective for those mothers too who have adopted a child. This move from Airtel is aimed to make Airtel a diverse and inclusive workplace. Airtel is one of the few companies which offers time and monetary benefits to new mothers and fathers.

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Airtel Parental Benefits for Employees

Airtel offers various benefits to new parents such as 26 weeks of maternity leave to women employees. In addition to that, the company offers 24 weeks of flexible work so that new mothers can get back to work as per their own choice and are able to manage time for their newborns. Further, Airtel offers two additional paid leaves per quarter for childcare to new mothers.

Airtel parental policies are not just limited to new mothers but fathers as well. The telecom operator offers up to eight weeks of paternity leaves to new fathers.

Amrit Padda, Chief People’s Officer at Bharti Airtel, said that to stay ahead of the curve, “there’s a need for revisiting the policies”. She believes that these initiatives “will encourage more women to pursue their careers in Bharti Airtel”.

“We have done this with a clear focus on becoming a more diverse & inclusive workplace. We hope this will encourage more women to continue pursuing their careers at Airtel as they move through important life stages in their lives,” Padda said in an official statement.

Padda highlighted that the company is proud of “creating impactful innovations that make a mark. In our endeavor to strengthen our workplace and work practices further, we need to stay ahead of the curve and revisit our policies”.