Alien: Isolation is Finally Coming to Android and iOS in December, 2021

The horror classic is now coming to iOS and Android.


Alien: Isolation, one of 2014’s biggest unexpected surprises and a genuinely brilliant horror-survival title, is making its way onto Android and iOS in December. The game garnered critical praise back in 2014 for its revolutionary AI tech that powers the terrifying Xenomorph and how it was able to adapt to the player’s tactics on the fly, which created an extremely tense atmosphere.

The Android and iOS port of the game is being developed by Feral Interactive, the studio responsible for the Switch port of Alien: Isolation a swell. Alien: Isolation continues to be a favourite among horror-survival fans as one of the best games around, and it should be equally terrifying on smartphones as it was on PC and Console.

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Alien: Isolation is coming to Android/iOS in December, 2021

The game will be released on Android and iOS on December 16, 2021 and will feature, according to Feral Interactive, “AAA visuals, Asserting Narrative, and atmosphere”. The Android and iOS release will also contain all 7 DLC packs for Alien: Isolation, including Last Survivor and Crew Expendable. Thankfully, the iOS and Android version will also support controllers and gamepads, but Feral Interactive has assured fans that the game will be tailored for touchscreen play.

Alien: Isolation is truly a landmark achievement in gaming, despite a couple of issues when it comes to the narrative and pacing. Players on iOS can pre-order the game now and it will be available for purchase on December 16th for £12.99/$14.99, the Indian price for the game hasn’t been revealed yet.

The game, along with the DLC packs, seems like a very worthy investment, especially given how well-crafted the overall experience is. Alien: Isolation manages to ramp up the tension quite well without it ever feeling cheap, and the Xenomorph constantly adapting to the player’s tactics never gets old.