Xiaomi Mi 9 Key Features Officially Revealed Ahead of Launch: Here Is Everything You Need to Know


When we last wrote about the Xiaomi Mi 9, the only official information we had that it will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and a triple-camera setup. However, over the last two days, Xiaomi has revealed almost every specification and feature of the upcoming smartphone, including its display, camera, performance, connectivity, and design. Let’s have a look without wasting any time.

Super AMOLED Display with Inbuilt Fingerprint Scanner

Before we start, let me tell you, Xiaomi has not revealed the display size of the Mi 9 – I think this is something Xiaomi will not unveil till the launch event. Now what Xiaomi has revealed is that the display of the Mi 9 is a Super AMOLED unit with Full HD+ resolution. The screen has a bezel-less design with 90.7% screen-to-body ratio. There is a teardrop notch at the top. According to Xiaomi, the display has 103.8% NTSC color gamut, up from 72% in the Mi 8. The display has a 600nit brightness. The screen comes with the latest Gorilla Glass 6 protection. The screen also has an in-display fingerprint scanner. According to Xiaomi this a fifth-generation in-display fingerprint scanner and it is 25% faster (Xiaomi didn’t mention in comparison to what). The display also has a light sensor behind it. The brand has, however, not mentioned HDR anywhere (in spite of the fact the Mi 8 had it) – this looks like another feature that is Xiaomi is saving for the launch event.

As many of you might know, if AMOLED displays have to show black color in any part of the screen, they simply turn off the pixels in those parts. This conserves a lot of energy. Taking advantage of these qualities of AMOLED technology, Xiaomi has put Always-on Display, and Dark Mode features in the Mi 9. The Always-On Display feature will show notifications and other important information on the screen even when the display is off (only the pixels that show icons and text lights up, while the rest of the display is switched off). As for the Dark Mode, it will apply a system-wide black theme. This comes in handy for those who want their system theme to be dark. Additionally, it also reduces display power consumption.

That is not all. From what we could gather from the official images, Xiaomi will offer a software-based Gamma optimization feature; enabling it will enhance contrast in the dark scenes so that users can see objects more clearly in those scenes. According to Xiaomi, the Gamma Optimization feature will also help in gaming to find enemies faster in the dark scenes. The display of the Xiaomi Mi 9 also has a blue light filter with 256 steps (of what we do not know). According to the brand, they have also received eye protection certification from the German Institute of Electrical Engineering for their blue light filter. Last but not least, there is a Dynamic Wallpaper feature, which will change wallpapers at fixed time intervals.

Triple-camera Setup on The Back

We didn’t expect Xiaomi to reveal the camera hardware details of the Mi 9 until the launch event. Well, we were wrong. Xiaomi has revealed almost all the specifications of the Mi 9’s camera. It has a 48MP + 16MP + 12MP triple-camera setup on the back. The 48MP camera sensor has normal FoV. The 16MP sensor is a wide-angle camera, and the 12MP sensor is a telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. Xiaomi has revealed that the triple-camera setup has laser autofocus for better focusing in lowlight conditions, but they haven’t mentioned which of the camera sensors among the three will have it. All three camera sensors have closed-loop motors instead of the open loop motors for changing the focal length. According to Xiaomi, this will help in faster focusing. The triple-camera setup also has a sapphire coating on it to protect it from scratches. At the front, there is a 20MP camera, and it features AI-based beauty enhancement.

12GB of RAM and Game Turbo

A few days ago, Xiaomi already revealed that the Mi 9 will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. And today, the brand has revealed that the Mi 9 will come with 12GB of RAM. I think the 12GB of RAM will be in the top of the line variant. There will most probably be cheaper variants with either 10GB or 8GB of RAM options.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 will also have the Game Turbo mode. According to Xiaomi, the Game Turbo mode will recognize the game scene and optimize the CPU and GPU frequency to offer the best performance. This is almost similar to the GPU Turbo from Huawei. Enabling the Game Turbo mode will also show users CPU usage, GPU usage, and the frame rate – this is something that no other smartphone has offered so far.

Two Speakers (Could be Stereo Speakers)

Although Xiaomi didn’t use ‘stereo’ or ‘two’ while teasing the loudspeaker of the Mi 9, they did use ‘speakers.’ This clearly indicates that the Mi 9 has two speakers. Now, these two speakers could be in single channel setup or stereo setup. We will have to wait till the launch to know more, I guess. According to Xiaomi, these speakers have 12×17 size, and they are the largest speakers among all the flagship smartphones. Xiaomi says that the speakers are made from high-quality materials to produce better sound. The brand also says that they have used ultra-high voltage Smart PA to dissipate heat, which will, in turn, produce a better sound quality.

Dual-frequency GPS, 4×4 MIMO, and Infrared Sensor

Xiaomi introduced the dual-frequency GPS sensor with the launch of Mi 8. The brand has now put it in the upcoming Mi 9. The dual-frequency GPS offers more accurate location tracking than the single frequency GPS. The Xiaomi Mi 9 also has 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi. For those who do not know, MIMO is an abbreviation for multiple inputs multiple outputs, which means the Wi-Fi module equipped with MIMO can receive and send data through multiple channels. This will help in faster data transfer speeds. Lastly, the Xiaomi Mi 9 has an infrared sensor with which users can control their electronic appliances.

Could Be Priced at 3999 Yuan

Lie Jun, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi has posted an image on the Weibo, which shows the pricing all the bezel-less smartphones. Lei Jun says that there no smartphone under 3999 Yuan which is more compact than the Mi 9. This indicates that the Mi 9 could be priced starting at 3999 Yuan. In my opinion, the top of the line variant could go up to 4999 Yuan