Alone OTT Release Date: Mohanlal’s Movie will get its OTT premiere on March 3 on Disney+ Hotstar

Mohanlal's Alone has set March 3 as its OTT broadcast date. Tune in to Disney+Hotstar on March 3 to watch the movie.

  • Disney+ Hotstar bags the right to stream Alone
  • Mohanlal is the only actor in the film
  • The movie will be streamed from March 3 onward


Alone, the latest film starring Malayalam superstar actor Mohanlal will launch on OTT. On March 3, Disney+Hotstar will start streaming the single-actor film. The precise time the movie will be available on OTT has not yet been made public. In theatres, the movie got a mixed reaction, but it wasn’t successful enough. The movie, which debuted in theatres on January 26, now has an OTT release date.

When And Where to Watch Alone

According to the tweet of the streaming giant Disney+ Hotstar, Alone will begin OTT broadcasting on March 3. The digital streaming behemoth, which holds the digital rights to the movie, is where you may watch the movie. The movie was to be released in OTT at first, according to the initial rumour, but the movie was first released in theatres. This movie is about Mohanlal’s solo battle. Mohanlal and Shaji Kailash came back together in the movie Alone after a 12-year hiatus. In total, it took eighteen days to shoot the entire movie.


As the name suggests, Mohanlal is the only actor in the movie called Alone. Just Mohanlal performed in the film; however, several actors contributed their voices. Rajesh Jayaraman wrote the screenplay, which was directed by Shaji Kailas. Prithviraj, Manju Warrier, Siddique, Mallika Sukumaran, and other actors have lent their voices to the movie but have not acted. This is the 30th movie that Ashirvad Cinemas has produced. Rajesh Jayaraman is responsible for writing the film’s screenplay. The first movie produced by Ashirwad Cinemas was Narasimha. Shaji Kailas also served as the director of Narasimham.


The Covid-induced lockdown serves as the backdrop for the film. The character of Kalidas, a motivational speaker, is played by Mohanlal. In order to spend some time alone and protect himself from a spreading viral infection, he travels to an apartment in Kochi. But when Kalidas starts to hear the voices of the apartment’s former residents, things start to become frightening. Kalidas swears to learn what transpired in the house prior to his arrival since he is fascinated. He soon learns that the tenants who lived there before had died by suicide. When Kalidas tries to exact revenge for the deaths of complete strangers, the plot becomes much more complicated.


Alone, a two-hour film entirely relies on Mohanlal’s acting prowess to keep the audience’s interest throughout. On January 26, Alone was released in theatres to generally unfavourable reviews. The movie received negative reviews from the public as well as critics. The debut of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan further overshadowed the film. The Bollywood film had a strong start and quickly gained popularity among Keralan moviegoers, hurting Alone’s potential at the box office. The Mohanlal-starring film didn’t stand a very good chance of being successful due to negative reviews, poor word of mouth, and the onslaught of Pathaan. At the box office, Alone did horribly.