On Amazon, Plastic Bucket Goes for Rs 25,999 and Bathroom Mugs Cost Rs 10,000 After Discount

Amazon sellers were found selling the plastic bucket and mugs for Rs 25,999 and Rs 9,914 respectively and the Internet couldn't stop itself from jumping into the conversation.


An Amazon seller was found selling a plastic bucket for Rs 25,999. Hilariously, plastic buckets in India sell in the range of Rs 399 – Rs 599 in India. Apart from the plastic bucket, another seller was found selling two plastic mugs for Rs 10,000. Note that these prices were listed after applying the discounts.

The plastic bucket was originally listed for Rs 35,990 but it was available for Rs 25,999 at a discounted rate. Similarly, the plastic mugs were originally listed for Rs 22,000 and with the 55 per cent discount, their price dropped to Rs 9,914. Fortunately, the prices were removed from the above mentioned products page and the listing showed ‘Currently unavailable’. 

The pricing, of course, is way higher than what it should be and we think that this could be a glitch from e-commerce platform or seller end. Most likely, it is an error from the seller as it is them who list the price, details, and product images. However, this came soon to the attention of internet users and they started trolling the e-commerce giant, Amazon for this. Here are some of the top hilarious replies we found.

Internet Jumps in After Bucket Sells for Rs 25,999 on Amazon

A user named Vivek Raju on Twitter spotted the bucket listing on Amazon for Rs 25,999 and the internet couldn’t stop itself from sharing hilarious stuff.

A user named Tina Gurnaney replies – “At that cost this bucket better be turning water into wine”.

Netflix India made this relate to the Phir Hera Pheri Movie scene and wrote Seeing Babu Rao’s bucket on sale being posted by someone named Raju is just real life Phir Hera Pheri and we appreciate it”.

Another user named Adrita Saha writes “If inflation continues in the current pace, who knows, this could be the reality! Anyways, it is hilarious!”.

This isn’t the first time such a thing has happened. Since the goof-up is common among sellers on multiple e-commerce platforms, there have been many such instances of extremely high prices.