AMD APU Lineup for 2021 and 2022 Leaks, Indicating a Long Wait for 6nm Zen3+ Architecture

AMD will launch two Cezanne flavours in 2021 with 15W and 45W TDP, according to the leaked information.


Popular chip-maker AMD’s roadmap for its next-generation Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) seems to have leaked. Tipster rogame, who leaks PC hardware details, has shared AMD’s pipeline for the 2021 and 2022 APU. He claims that AMD will bring the Cezanne on the company’s next-generation Zen3 architecture. The iGPU, however, will be limited to Vega 7. The chip-maker will launch the 6nm Rembrandt in 2022 with Zen 3+ architecture and Navi2 iGPU. The tipster has also revealed a few more codenames that have never been heard of. Let’s take a look at the leaked roadmap for AMD APU for 2021 and 2022.

AMD APU 2021 and 2022 roadmap leaked; Cezanne launch tipped for 2021

Rogame has listed AMD’s roadmap for its next-generation APU on Twitter. The tipster claims that the company will launch two Cezanne flavours in 2021. There will be a 45W Cezanne version and a 15W version. Both Cezanne flavours will be built on the company’s Zen3 architecture with Vega 7 iGPU. 

Another APU launching in 2021 is Lucienne. It will come in a single 15W TDP  and built on the Zen2 architecture. Like the Cezanne version, the Lucienne APU will come with Vega 7 iGPU and fabricated on a 7nm process from TSMC.

The tipster also claims that AMD will bring the VanGogh APU in 2021 with Navi2 iGPU. It will have a 9W TDP and will utilise Zen2 architecture.

Lastly, for 2021, AMD also has a vanilla Zen APU called Pollock in the pipeline. This APU will have a TDP of 4.5W and will be manufactured on 14nm fabrication.

AMD APU for 2022

Rogue claims that AMD will bring the Rembrandt APU in 45W and 15W versions. Both will come with Navi2 iGPUs and utilise the Zen3+ architecture. AMD will manufacture the Rembrandt APU on TSMC’s 6nm fabrication. It will feature LPDDR5, DDR5. 

The company will also bring Barcelo-U as a successor to the Vangogh APU without any changes. The other two APUs coming out in 2022 are DragonCrest and Pollock. DragonCrest will have a 9W TDP built on the Zen2 architecture. It will also have Navi2 iGPU and manufactured on 7nm fabrication. Like Rembrandt, DragonCrest will feature LPDDR5.

The Pollock APU will have the same TDP of 4.5W manufactured on 14nm fabrication with Vega graphics.

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