AMD Beats Intel, Sells Double the Number of CPUs In November 2018

AMD crushes its competition, selling twice the number of Intel CPUs in November 2018. However, Intel manages to stay afloat and minimises the gap in terms of profits, thanks to its premium pricing.

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For a long time, Intel has been at the top of the list thanks to its high-end CPUs. However, things have slowly begun to change. The month of November 2018 has seen one of the most drastic changes by far. AMD has taken the lead and sold twice the number of CPUs sold by Intel in one single month. This is extremely exciting as now Intel will no longer enjoy a monopoly and the privilege of jacking up the price of its hardware. Having a competitor which is in the running will help keep prices fair.

AMD Crushes Intel In CPU Sales For The Month Of November

According to figures collected and put together by the AMD community at Reddit, AMD has been crushing Intel in terms of CPU sales, outclassing Intel by a fairly large margin. This is mainly owing to its Ryzen+ CPUs. In fact, AMD had a brilliant Q3 2018 and in all likelihood, this isn’t going to change any time soon. Have a look at the sales figures below collected from the largest retailer of Germany, Mindfactory.

AMD Crushes Intel, Selling Twice the Number of CPUs In November 2018
Image Credits: Techquila

The numbers speak for themselves, with AMD and Intel being head to head at the beginning of the year and ending with a large gap in favor of AMD. The company now controls twice as much as the market share controlled by Intel. In simple terms, that day has finally come where AMD is outselling Intel in terms of CPUs.

AMD Crushes Intel, Selling Twice the Number of CPUs In November 2018
Image Credits: Techquila

However, the revenue chart doesn’t show too much of a gap between both companies owing to a very simple fact. Intel usually sells its CPUs at a premium price. This works in its favor, minimizing the gap between itself and AMD in terms of profits.

AMD Crushes Intel, Selling Twice the Number of CPUs In November 2018
Image Credits: Techquila

A close glimpse at a bird’s eye view of the market share graph for November 2018 will clearly reveal the magic behind AMD great sale figures. The R5 2600, the R5 2600X and the R7 2700X make up for most of the company’s sales.

Fortunately for Intel, its Core i9 has kept the company afloat. It has outperformed AMD equivalent Threadripper CPUs and thanks to its premium price, Intel has managed to maintain a respectable profit. Well, AMD is likely to stay in the game and at the top for a while. The company has some pretty interesting upcoming tech which will be made public during its Keynote speech in January 2019.


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