Among Us Wins Best Multiplayer Game Award at The Game Awards 2020

Among Us rules the social experience in 2020

Among Us

The Game Awards honour the best in gaming every year, and it’s a great show this year as well. 2020 has been a different year for gaming, given the fact that we have had to be sitting at home for most of it. Given the extra gaming time we have had which did boost overall gaming time for a lot of folks, a few games like Among Us came through.

The key aspect of these games, of course, has been the multiplayer aspect. Among Us was the breakout star of the year, and we have enjoyed playing it so, so much. So it’s no surprise really that Among Us was just crowned the Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards, 2020.

Among Us is The Best Multiplayer Game of 2020

Among Us Best Multiplayer Game

Among Us was competing in a really packed category. This year has really pushed multiplayer gaming to a new level. Gaming, on the whole, saw a rise, but the interactive nature of these games which made us feel less sad about not being able to be social as usual is what made them better.

Among Us was the star of this 2020 party, a multiplayer game that does not even have voice chat, and yet managed to make a mark in the space. Take a look at the nominees in the Best Multiplayer Game award at The Game Awards, 2020:

Among Us
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Call of Duty: Warzone
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Among Us got the much-deserved victory, with the folks from InnerSloth being present live on video call to accept the award. The game started two years ago, so obviously, it was a long walk for the team, and they were obviously emotional during the acceptance.

Among Us is also set to unveil a new map today at The Game Awards, so stay tuned for that as it comes!

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