Android 12 Will Feature One-handed Mode, Gaming Mode, Smarter Auto Rotate and More: Report

Google is working on a “smart autorotate” feature which is going to be the part of Android 12.


In the last few years, the smartphone industry has witnessed huge growth across the globe. From thick bezels to edge-to-edge display designs, smartphone brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Apple, and more have come a long way. During this journey the size and height of the smartphones has also increased for better media consumption. However, tall smartphones are always a bit difficult to use with one hand.

It seems that the problem of tall phones is soon going to be resolved as the upcoming Android 12 is reportedly going to bring a new feature called one-handed mode which will shrink the phone screen content and make it convenient for one-hand use. 

According to a report from XDA Developers, Google is developing a “one-handed mode” feature in the open-source codebase of Android. Further, the report suggests that the feature is capable of shrinking the screen size to 40 percent. Users can activate the one-handed mode by using gestures or with the three-button navigation mode. 

How to Activate One-Handed Mode on Android 12

  • First, head to the setting app on your smartphone
  • Then select the System setting option
  • Tap on Gesture 
  • Toggle on the One-Handed mode 
  • This will activate the one-handed mode which will allow users to trigger the mode by swiping left or right on the navigation bar.

Google is planning to add this feature to Android 12, but OEMs have already made their versions which used to be the same. Smartphone brand Huawei has also tried submitting its version of one-hand mode to AOSP, but for some unknown reasons the search giant Google rejected its addition.

Smarter auto rotate, gaming mode and more will be part of Android 12

As we are moving closer to the release of the Android 12 first Developer Preview new information is keeps popping up on the internet. It has also been reported that the developers are also planning to include a smarter auto rotate feature, gaming mode, and more with the upcoming update. 

Screen rotation is always a frustrating feature for most of us and we usually keep it disabled until we need it. The auto rotation feature works with the phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer. But now it seems that Google is working on a “smart autorotate” feature that is going to be the part of Android 12. According to 9to5Google report, the feature will use the front camera of the smartphone to detect the user’s head position before changing the orientation of the phone. 

The report also claimed that the company is working on a new “GameManager service” in Android 12. This feature is different from the existing GameManagerClient which is part of Google Play Services. According to the report, the new feature is a service to “manage the game mode and persist the data.” There is not much information available about the feature and it has been expected to be an API for games to activate gaming mode. 

Google is also said to be developing a new feature dubbed  as “Reduce Brightness”. According to the report, this feature will help those users who are suffering from visual impairments. There is no further information about the feature. Let’s see what else Google is going to bring with them new Android 12.