Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Details Out – Control LTM Returns, New Lifeline Town Takeover, and More

The event launches on June 21.


The newest event heading to Apex Legends on June 21 finally brings a Town Takeover for Lifeline as Olympus gets a new hangout spot between Gardens and Grow Towers – Lifeline’s Clinic. The location contains state-of-the-art automated healing systems which players can use.

Injured Legends will be able to stand on the platform and a heal tether will activate and attach to them if the Med-bay is charged. This might just turn out to be one of the most interesting Town Takeovers as it provides players with a great way to get back into the fight by healing up themselves and their squad using Med-bays.

Lifeline’s Clinic also has an “Emergency Platform” at the back for better, higher-tier loot as well as a Care Package. The console can only be used once per game, so players might want to try and get to it first.

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Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Patch Notes

The event kicks off on June 21 and will bring back one of the most popular LTM’s in the game’s history – Control, albeit with a few changes.

Control LTM Returns

  • Introduce Ad Drones to Control for flavor & storytelling purposes, but yes, you can also shoot them.
  • Matchmaking improvement – Fill slots of missing players at the start of Control with new players to prevent imbalanced matches.
  • Added tabs to the About screen – seen in Lobby and accessible in Control matches.
    • One of the new tabs has a breakdown of Ratings values.
    • The other has a breakdown of how the spawn system works.

Awakening Collection Events

Each new event in Apex Legends brings a ton of new themed items to the game and the Awakening Collection brings a total of 24 cool items available for direct purchase through Apex Coins/Crafting Metals.

These 24 items include Legendary skins for Horizon, Fuse, Ash, and more. Collecting all 24 items will unlock the latest Heirloom in Apex Legends – Valkyrie’s “Suzaku”.

Balance Updates


  • R-301 and Rampage removed from crafting and added back to floor loot.
  • Wingman and CAR SMG added to the crafting and removed from floor loot.

Out of Bounds

  • Weapons and Abilities will now only stow in an OOB trigger when the player is on the ground (OOB timer will still tick up).

Bocek Bow

  • Optic on Gold version defaults to the 3x Ranger.


  • Can now use decoys from Valk Skydive Re-Deploy.


  • Combat Revive
    • Moved revive cancel option from Lifeline to the player that’s getting revived.
  • D.O.C. Heal Drone
    • Healing pool increased from 150 to infinite (still lasts 20s).
    • Doubled the healing radius.
  • Care Package
    • Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.
    • The weapon attachment panel now comes with a Shield Battery instead of two Shield Cells.
    • No blue beam on initial drop (will still show up after the Care Package lands).

For a complete breakdown of all new changes in Apex Legends, head on over to the official patch notes by Respawn.