Apex Legends Datamine Leak Teases 9 Upcoming Legends, Weapons, Heirlooms, Maps and More

These might be the studio's plans for the game for the next few seasons.


Datamines and leaks are quite common when it comes to Apex Legends but the most recent one is perhaps one of the biggest ones yet. This recent leak comes through Reddit user u/Legitimate_Chapter82 on the r/ApexUncovered subreddit and it uncovers about 9 future Legends along with a bunch of new weapons, heirlooms, and even a map.

Not only was the user able to discover the names of the supposedly upcoming Legends, they were also able to find out their special abilities as well as gameplay animations. While plans are subject to change, according to the leak, these 9 Legends might be coming to the game in the future:

  1. Conduit (Support)
  2. Scryer (Recon)
  3. Newcastle (Defensive)
  4. Uplink (Defensive)
  5. Vantage (Recon)
  6. Catalyst (Defensive)
  7. Phantom (Support)
  8. Jester (Unclear)
  9. Caliber (Support)

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Apex Legends Massive Leak Uncovers 9 Potential Legends and More

The user was able to capture gameplay of the legends demonstrating their abilities as well. Similar datamines and leaks have occurred in the past, prematurely revealing legends ahead of time but there is a strong possibility of them being simply placeholders or works in progress.

Respawn has previously faked players out, most famously with the Legend, Forge, and there is a strong likelihood of the studio changing plans on the fly. These Legends could perhaps be re-tooled, re-skinned or ditched entirely should they not fir the meta in a way that seems right.

Additionally, the user was also able to discover upcoming weapons, game modes, and a lot more. A new map was uncovered, titled ‘Divided Moon’, which could be the location for the upcoming Season or perhaps a couple of seasons down the line.

Respawn recently launched Season 12 of Apex Legends, introducing Mad Maggie to the mix. The studio is currently working on bringing the game to mobile, with a global launch set for later this year.