Apex Legends: Legends Tier List for Season 9 Legacy

Apex Legends Season 9 has been underway for a while, so here is a breakdown of all Legends in terms of effectiveness.


As an Apex Legends player, one always has two choices – they could cycle through every Legend they’ve unlocked in hopes of finding the best fit. Or they could stick to one Legend for every Season in hopes that Respawn to bless them with divine powers and bountiful buffs in a patch.

Both the approaches have their own sets of positives and negatives, and are equally viable. However, for those looking to experiment every new season in Apex Legends and cycle through their Mains, here is a tier list to help identify the strongest Legends in Season 9 and what makes them so viable.

Legend effectiveness is ultimately down to the player as some players might just be more suited to a different playstyle than others – which is why tier lists are often purely subjective.

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Apex Legends Season 9 Tier List

Apex Legends Season 9 Tier List
Standard Tier List Template

Before we dive into the legends, let’s define what each tier essentially means in Apex Legends:

  • S Tier – Top picks for Ranked. Reliable in each game with guaranteed effectiveness in most cases.
  • A Tier – Consistently reliable legends that provide great effectiveness in most situations. Usually a learning curve involved with regards to increasing effectiveness.
  • B Tier – Decent picks, but will often require very specific situations in order for them to be at their most effective.
  • C Tier – Not exactly the most effective Legends, but can be fun to play with. Not advisable for Ranked matches.
  • D Tier – Legends to avoid in Ranked. Will most likely reduce the squad’s overall effectiveness.

S Tier

  • Wraith

Objectively the most reliable legend across every season in Apex Legends, Wraith continues to dominate Ranked, and will likely to do so for several more seasons. Her amazingly versatile combined with her low-profile makes her one of the best Legends around. Wraith is an offensive juggernaut and it will take a mighty effort to buck the queen off her throne.

  • Lifeline

Much like Wraith, Lifeline has always been among the top echelons of Legends in Apex Legends. Her effectiveness overall took a hit when Gibraltar received a major buff in his dome that allowed him to revive players much faster. After that was nerfed, Lifeline shot back up to S Tier and has remained there since. There is nothing quite as frustrating as fighting a squad with a Lifeline that revives every downed enemy in a matter of seconds.

  • Bloodhound

A Legend that has always bounced around between A and S Tier, Bloodhound is an absolute offensive juggernaut. Their passive might only be situationally effective, but their absolutely terrifying Ultimate and Tactical makes Bloodhound a formidable Legend.

  • Wattson

Wattson isn’t exactly an offensive powerhouse like Bloodhound or Wraith, but even more so than Caustic, she is a fortress onto herself. Trying to get into a closed area with a Wattson squad already occupying it is next to impossible. Perhaps no other Legends is as effective in the endgame as Wattson, which is why she finds herself in S Tier in Apex Legends Season 9.

A Tier

  • Gibraltar

Gibraltar has always held this exact spot ever since Season 0, which goes to show a couple of things – he has always been one of the most reliable legends as well as one who has always been perfectly balanced. His dome shield revive saw shoot him up to S Tier but it being nerfed slides him back down to A Tier, which is still pretty good.

  • Valkyrie 

Valkyrie is the newest kid on the block ,which is why recency bias probably has something to do with her placement on the list. Yet, it is extremely difficult to make a case against Valkyrie belonging to the A Tier. Her kit doesn’t leave a lot to be desired, both in terms of nerfs and buffs – making her quite balanced right out the gate – which is rare.

  • Horizon

Horizon makes a great case for herself as an S Tier Legend, but her effectiveness varies according to the situation, which makes her less reliable than the legends in S Tier. Regardless, Horizon is an absolute machine and having one in your squad will drastically improve your chances of a win.

  • Caustic

Much like Wattson, Caustic is an enormous fortress of a legend that can turn any interior into a terrifying death trap. Going up against a well-prepared Caustic is like taking on Batman after he’s had months to prepare. The only reason he belongs in A and not S Tier is purely because of how ridiculously bugged his traps are.

  • Pathfinder

Once a tried-and-tested S Tier Legend, Pathfinder has been steadily climbing down the ladder over the course of 9 Seasons. The nerf to his grapple was much-needed as he pretty much gained the upper hand in a matter of seconds. The reason why he still remains in the A Tier is because effectiveness is increased that much more if the player has a good idea of how to work his kit.

B Tier

  • Octane

Octane oscillates between A and B Tier all too much, purely because he is as effective as one wants Octane to be. To those that main Octane, he ranks probably somewhere in the upper echelons of Apex Legends, and they would be right. Octane is easily one of the most fun legends to play with, but won’t be as reliable as some of the others in S Tier.

  • Mirage

Both Octane and Mirage slide into the category of “Fun, but not effective” which is exactly how it should be in order to keep the game fun. Not every Legend can be S Tier and fans do need a healthy dose of fun characters to play with. Mirage is ridiculously useful in some cases, but should be avoided when trying to play Ranked or competitively.

  • Bangalore

Bangalore used to be one of the most effective in the game, but the lack of attention to her Ultimate has dropped her down the ladder quite a bit. Her ultimate holds her back to the degree that it often overshadows everything else she does. Probably the best starter Legend in the game, Bangalore is still a great place to start.

C Tier

  • Crypto

Crypto is another one of those legends that could be a real game-changer, but is instead relegated to extremely situational use. Crypto has no advantages in close quarters and his Drone only gives the squad a minor advantage in fights. Bloodhound can do what Crypto does and much faster, which is what brings him down to this rung.

  • Loba

Loba is one of the most disappointing Legends in the game purely because players know there is a lot more she is capable of. Her Tactical is pretty decent but her Ultimate and Passive still leaves a lot to be desired. Much like Mirage, Loba needs a complete revamp because her kit is fundamentally underpowered.

  • Rampart

Rampart is pretty fun to play with, purely because she can tear through enemy squads with ease and panache unlike any other. But that is exactly where it starts and ends with her, Rampart’s ultimate is the only useful thing in her kit – which makes her one of the most niche legends in Apex Legends Season 9.

D Tier

  • Fuse

Fuse is supremely disappointing in the way that the ideas are there for him to be one of the absolute best in the game. His Tactical doesn’t do enough damage for it to be menacing and his projectile throw is about the only useful thing in his kit. Fuse’s Ultimate makes a great case for itself as one of the absolute worst in the game, which is a shame, since the idea of it is pretty cool.

  • Revenant

Purely on looks and lore, Revenant should be a nightmare of an enemy to go up against. Instead, he is little more than a mildly menacing, miniature, robot version of Skeletor, and that is not a compliment. Revenant’s Ultimate is still pretty useful but it will more than likely leave players vulnerable in the most important times, which is what makes it equally awful.