Apex Legends Lobbies Taken Over by Hackers Attempting to “Save Titanfall”

Apex Legends players recently received a rather interesting message while playing the game.

Apex Legends Titanfall
"Save Titanfall" appears on Apex Legends message screens.

Apex Legends players recently got hit with a rather weird message from a group of hackers who have banded together to save a beloved FPS from 2014. A recent development concerning Titanfall is quickly grabbing the attention of the gaming community as the tactics employed are quite “theatrical” to say the least. A hacker or several hackers have taken over Apex Legends playlists to display a “Save Titanfall” message to players.

The original Titanfall might not have been as unanimously agreed upon as one of the best FPS’ in the market like its sequel – but the game certainly had a lot to offer right from the start. This is why, despite its rocky launch and mixed reception, the game has developed quite a cult fanbase over the years.

But what exactly does Titanfall need saving from?

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Hackers take control of Apex Legends in a bid to “Save Titanfall”

“SaveTitanfall.com” is the site the hackers are urging Apex players to go visit in order to understand exactly why the game is need of rescuing. The main issue here seems to be the fact that the game’s lobbies are packed to the brim with hackers – making the game virtually unplayable for its users. The hackers have not only taken over the small dialog boxes through which players can start a match – but also the post-game screen.

The community has been clamoring for EA and Respawn to do something regarding the issue, but nothing has come to fruition yet. The hackers who have taken control of Apex Legends message screens take umbrage to the fact that despite this major issue – the game is still being sold by EA.

Apex Legends Titanfall
Apex Legends’ post-game screen

As to whether EA decides to do something about this remains to be seen – but given that the game is nearly 7 years old at this point – chances are looking slim. Yet, Respawn Entertainment have always been a studio that has dedicated itself to responding actively to the community and their demands – so it might not be that big a stretch.


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